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What very certain thing can we tell about a WebMoney casino? You’ve just come to the right place if you are looking for some truly safe casinos online. WebMoney is the most popular platform for making online gambling payments in Eastern Europe. Why does it stand out from the rest e-payment methods?

First and foremost, online casino sites that accept WebMoney provide your financial operations, be it a deposit or a withdrawal, with full confidentiality. Not only it allows to overcome blocking the transactions connected with casinos, but also enables a player to unveil the particular personal and financial details upon own preference. No games with your data here, really. Taking that WebMoney accounts are easy to top-up and real money transfers are completely instant and mobile-friendly, there is no surprise that the best online betting houses in Russia, Georgia, and Moldova see the WebMoney payment option as a must.

Apart from providing our traditional list of approved casinos running on this payment gateway, the article deep-dives into the WebMoney deposit and withdrawal processes, as well as delivers a brief guide on such casinos in different post-Soviet countries, explains various bonus offering tricks and many more.

Best Online Casinos that accept WebMoney

WebMoney Casinos for Real Money

WebMoney has gained an appreciation of more than 36 million users already. This money transfer system is built on the principles of convenience, security, and confidentiality which you can explicitly feel while playing at any reputable WebMoney online casino. WM is a separate financial ecosystem delivering new opportunities for the players who prefer online casinos that accept WebMoney.

Yes, since no official financial institutions (e.g. banks) are involved in the process of such transfers, WebMoney casinos are a popular option to bypass a regulatory limitation as common as blocking gambling transactions. Moreover, while confirming a WebMoney online casino transaction, you are free to reveal any personal data you find necessary (or none at all) which eliminates the possibility of player prosecution.

The system was born in Lithuania and operates in a full swing mostly on the Post-Soviet area, so there is no surprise finding casinos that take WebMoney extremely popular over there. This section explains the financial procedure from setting up the account to depositing or withdrawing money at casinos that accept WebMoney.

How to Deposit at WebMoney Casinos

To process any transfer in the system, including a WebMoney casinos deposit, you will need to settle your wallet first. To open up a basic account it’s enough to provide your ID and contact data on the official website. It will take up to five minutes to confirm your identity after you submit the info. As soon as you have your account ready, you can open up a WM wallet of your preference. Wallets differ by currency. You may create as many wallets as you wish to base on the convenience of your local currency or on specific currency requirements of a WebMoney casino you select. Managing all the transactions between you and WebMoney online casinos is possible via Keeper Standard, available both in browser and app version for all platforms.

Now, as you’re all set with your wallet on WebMoney deposit casino procedure is the following:

  • Fill your WM wallet with money. There is no such thing as a credit line at WebMoney so you won’t be able to use your wallet if it’s empty. There are plenty of methods to top up your account differing from country to country, however, the universal way is to use the cash terminal for that matter. You can always exchange your local currency to EUR or USD via the WebMoney online services.
  • Head to the deposit section of your casino and click the WebMoney logo
  • Receive the casino WebMoney wallet address
  • Go to Keeper Standard, create new transfer and indicate the amount you are about to deposit. Your Basic account limits the amount of your outgoing transaction up to $3000 daily. Remember that online casinos accepting WebMoney may also impose lower and upper limitations on a deposit sum so bother to check it in advance.
  • To confirm the online casino WebMoney deposit, you will be sent a secret SMS code or a one-time password generated by the E-num service.
  • Done! The transaction is immediate and ultimate.

The entire process may appear a bit complex, however, after you establish your account transfers themselves will take you significantly less time. It may not be the fastest method around but WebMoney’s security and confidentiality merits are prevailing greatly. In case this is what you are looking for, check out what casinos accept WebMoney using our signature list.

How to Withdraw at WebMoney Casinos

You will find a WebMoney casino withdrawal process way easier than placing deposits. To receive your winnings, all you need to do is to provide a casino with the address of your wallet in the respective “Withdraw” section of the website. The rest is to be done by the online casino staff. Be ready that a WebMoney withdrawal time may take up to 5-7 days, depending on the policies of the gambling house you prefer. Also, every casino with WebMoney withdrawal is likely to limit the amount of this operation — make sure you are familiar with that. Last but not least, remember about the trap of wagering requirements (we cover it further in this article) and use bonuses wisely if you want to withdraw as soon as possible.

Advantages of Using WebMoney as Deposit Methods

Online casinos accepting WebMoney for deposits are a great option in terms of security firsthand. Nevertheless, the system provides with plenty of perks on the top of that:

  • Global coverage;
  • 11 currencies available;
  • 3 different levels of authentication;
  • Possibility to decide which personal data to share with WebMoney casino sites;
  • Ability to avoid player prosecutions and gambling transaction blocks;
  • Immediate transaction processing.

With a benefits list as impressive as that, we are quite sure you are looking forward to trying out a WebMoney casino as soon as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Our list of the top WebMoney casinos is already there for you. Enjoy!

WebMoney Casinos by Countries

WebMoney Casinos in Russia

When it comes to Russia online casinos that accept WebMoney appear to be one of the best solutions for safe online gambling. Whereas inland casinos are partially allowed across specific regions of the country, to prohibit online casinos Russia takes more than proactive approach. For instance, Roskomnadzor – Russian telecom censorship authority, has started blocking gambling domains, both domestic and foreign, in mid-2015. The battle was followed by the recent agreement with Russian search engines on restricting the gambling search results and legislative ban on using such tools as a VPN. Moreover, it is claimed that players are also a subject to responsibility (mostly fines) for being involved in online gambling, so perhaps using a Visa casino site is not the best option over there.

Russia WebMoney gambling started to capitalize on the ever-tightening local regulations. As online gambling is becoming a more dangerous venture, people are switching to the WebMoney online casinos Russia has to offer. And it has to offer a lot! WebMoney system enjoys a great infrastructure in this area — it is ultimately convenient to top-up the WM wallet or withdraws the money in local currency across the country. Combined with the undeniable confidentiality features we have discussed above, there is no surprise WebMoney online casino in Russia is just thriving. Select the one you like the most from our list and be on the safe side!

WebMoney Casinos in Romania

It cannot be denied that for every casino online Romania has adopted very loyal regulation. Well, “loyal” does not mean that gambling sites meet no limitations at all but online casinos are officially legal in Romania. Speaking of limitations, there was a case in 2010 when the local government tried to set a provision, requesting every online casino to locate their servers and offices within the country borders in order to be legal. The proposition was denied by the European Commission and, as for today, legal gambling sites are enough to obtain a local license. The adherence to the rule is controlled by the Romania National Gambling Office which is empowered to block any illegal venues. Whenever seeking for Romanian online casinos that accept WebMoney make sure they are not blacklisted by this authority.

Romania WebMoney gambling is rather focused on foreign online casino operators, which have decided to ignore purchasing Romanian licensing. It is true that local banks are actively blocking the transactions connected to the venues in the blacklist, so choosing a WebMoney online casino in Romania will protect from that, in case you have accidentally (or not) come across a restricted gambling site. Have a glimpse on the selection of the best WebMoney online casinos Romania has to offer in the list we provide. These gambling venues are approved to be secure, reliable, and extremely satisfactory to play at.

WebMoney Casinos in Moldova

In Moldova online casino industry enjoys nothing but freedom. Online gambling is only partially regulated, not pursuing the operators to require a local license too hard. Since players are explicitly allowed to play both foreign and domestic online casinos there is no reason to see Moldovan online casinos that accept WebMoney as a mean of security.

Moldova Webmoney gambling is rather about convenience instead. With multiple currencies rotating in the WM system, fast check out process and superior transaction speed, WebMoney online casinos in Moldova are simply thriving. While there are virtually no boundaries out there, the market of WebMoney-powered gambling sites is quite saturated today. It is important to find a quality reliable casino to get the right feeling of what WM casinos really are. The very best choice is to consult the SlotsUp list and pick the most preferred WebMoney online casino Moldova from there.

WebMoney Casinos in Georgia

Georgia has a very positive legislative landscape for gambling. For every online casino Georgia provides a possibility of obtaining the local license and become legal in such a way. Inland casinos are not only free from suppressing but are even supported by the government, in case they possess some hotel premises and contribute positively to the national tourism.
With that said, you are completely safe to have your time at the authorized Georgia online casinos that accept WebMoney. There are still many foreign gambling sites that prefer not to purchase Georgian license, however. As for today, the operations of such offshore casinos are not regulated. In Georgia WebMoney gambling is a viable option for playing at these particular casinos without a license. If you prefer to avoid unauthorized gaming venues, you will find foreign WebMoney online casinos in Georgia convenient to bet in various currencies. Traditionally, we have prepared the list where you can pick a WebMoney online casino Georgia up to your taste. No hassle.

WebMoney Casino Types

We are now more exposed to various online casino innovations than ever before. To satisfy the player’s needs, gambling providers are introducing a crazy number of new features every season. But what casino types are players into the most? We discuss some leading “WebMoney casino” search inquiries below.

Mobile Casinos That Accept WebMoney

How many of your daily activities have traveled to your phone? Shopping, learning, entertaining… so why not gambling? For the fine casino online mobile phones appear to be a solution as fit as it is for everything else. While gambling operators have successfully learned how to seamlessly embed the desktop experience into a smartphone, a convenient payment system may still remain to be an issue when going mobile.

Every WebMoney mobile casino deals perfectly well with the compatibility issue. It’s impressive that WebMoney casino mobile compatibility covers almost 100% of operating systems around. We’re sure you will be surprised to find the dedicated app to place a mobile casino WebMoney deposit even for Blackberry phones. Just download the Keeper Standard for free and take favorite mobile casino WebMoney wherever and on any platform. In case you prefer to keep your app list short, you won’t face any problems to place a WebMoney deposit at the mobile casino just using your browser.

We find the mobile casino with WebMoney option to be great from every perspective. Those who claim a casino mobile Webmoney isn’t worthy perhaps must have not experienced it at all. Make sure you’re not missing out and pick the very best mobile casino accepting WebMoney from our list.

Live Casinos That Accept WebMoney

Online casino live dealers regulated is one of the most popular and discussed trends in the online gambling industry now. Such casinos provide a unique possibility of following the broadcast of a dealer and play further as you do at a regular online casino. People have loved the idea of combining the real and the virtual so much that live casinos began thriving right away, constantly adding up more features and payment types.

You won’t face any obstacles while seeking for some live casinos with WebMoney casino deposits these days. The question is how likely are you to find a truly reliable live casino WebMoney whereas there are so many to choose from? No need to philosophize — the best representatives of the online live casino WebMoney category are collected here already. Check it out!

New Casinos That Accept WebMoney

There are a few simple rules you might want to follow in order not to spoil the excitement of trying out new online casinos. If it’s for the new WebMoney casino you’ve fallen in love from the first glimpse, make sure you have checked it has a proper license (the UK, Isle of Man, etc.) supported with a serial code. Take a look at the range of available games, customer support quality, and bonus Terms & Conditions. If everything goes according to the plan (top developers, high-quality customer care and usability, clear and accessible T&C) – congrats, a fine new casino WebMoney to try is found. If it’s not, you better consult our signature directory – all the new WebMoney online casinos will be posted on the top of the list.

WebMoney Casino Bonuses

Sometimes, bonuses appear to be so sweet you just can’t help using them. There is nothing bad about that if done consciously. If you are about to hunt for your first WebMoney casino bonus and have never heard of bonus wagering requirements before — read this section carefully. Apart from bonus descriptions, we will get into some more detail on the limitations that are likely to be imposed by online casinos. So, the most common online casino WebMoney bonus categories are:

  • Deposit “welcome” bonus. This is a one-time financial reward given out to the client who puts the first money deposit to the online casino straight after registration. Deposit bonuses multiply the initial deposit according to the casino-specific rate. For instance, if you claim for the 100% bonus with your initial deposit equal to 150 WME, you will end up with 300 WME on your account ready to play.
  • No-deposit bonus. Rewarded to celebrate important milestones and occasions or simply to increase engagement and activity. Can be gaming money or free spins.
  • Referral bonuses. This money bonus is offered to any player who attracts a friend to the online casino. Note: a friend should register and make a deposit in order to enable the bonus.

Whenever bonuses look pretty much like easy money to you, keep in mind that bigger bonuses almost certainly veil more bounding conditions behind. These are the most common limitations players often bump into:

  • Sky-high bonus wagering requirements. “Once in a lifetime” bonuses are often followed by the same wagering requirements. Bonus wager sets the lower limit of the total betting pool you have to reach in order to be able to withdraw funds. Say, you’ve been lucky to get the 15x wager on a 200 WME bonus. It means, that you have to make 3000 WME of bets, after which you can withdraw your winnings if any.
  • Short bonus time span. If you’ve got indecently much bonus money for doing practically nothing, consider checking their expiration date. It will be no surprise if they will vanish during the same day unless you put them to action. Another popular case – bonuses to be valid on some particular date.
  • Limited scope of application. Bonuses may not be eligible for particular games in the online casino.

Perhaps, the above explains why do we stress checking for the bonus Terms & Conditions in advance. For bonuses to be really beneficial try doing so every time you feel temptation towards them.

WebMoney Casino FAQ

📌  Are WebMoney Casinos Safe to Play?
Yes. The security is ensured by the fact that every client of the system is a subject to the authentication process upon registration, providing the ID data. There are various levels of measures to protect transactions themselves, including SMS, secret code generators, and special secret files with personal identifiers to protect maximum security.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept WebMoney?
There is a handful of casinos to accept WebMoney, with the best sites presented in the list assembled by our experts.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via WebMoney?
As for WebMoney, you are free to go as low as you wish. It’s not always the case with casinos however since most of them impose a lower limit on the deposit amount. The amount of such a limit varies from casino to casino, so make sure to check it out at the gambling site of your preference.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via WebMoney?
Depending on the type of your account, the upper limit for outgoing transactions per day starts from $3 000 and extends as you upgrade your account. Learn more about WebMoney account-specific limits here. Upper limits for deposits are different for every online casino as well. Visit the corresponding section of the selected gambling house for this information.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
WebMoney do charge an additional fee of 0.8% from every transaction made between WM clients.
📌  Are WebMoney Deposits Instant?
Yes, all transactions within the WebMoney system are completed instantly.
📌  Are WebMoney Deposits Allowed in My Country?
WebMoney claims for global coverage. As the system supports both EUR and USD, you can feel free to use it as a deposit method in most of the countries. Note that Ukraine is currently disabled from the system, due to the sanctions. Try to play casinos accepting ecoPayz, if you are in that area. Alternatively, we also recommend making online casinos Skrill deposits whereas WebMoney is unavailable.
📌  Can I Use WebMoney in Mobile Casinos?
Absolutely. For better customer experience, download the WM wallet on your smartphone — it’s available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

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