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When playing in an online casino UAE residents have many gaming options. This is the only way for locals to engage in gambling since land-based casinos are prohibited.

Apart from the UAE casino sites you can also choose sports betting and raffles which are legal. When participating in such games, be careful not to lose your phone as was the case with a man who won $1m in Dubai raffle but could not be reached.

When it comes to online gambling UAE players should be careful. Local laws are strict and one should play only at safe Emirian online casino platforms.

When choosing the best online casino UAE residents should also select a payment method. Today in an online casino UAE real money (i.e. AED) as well as cryptocurrencies are accepted and many payment options are available.

Below we will show how to choose the best online casinos for UAE players.

Best Online Casino accepting players from United Arab Emirates

Online Casino Sites in United Arab Emirates

Internet casinos in UAE are becoming more popular every year. The popularity of Emirian casino online platforms is explained by the fact that they are the only way for local residents to enjoy gambling in their country without having to go abroad. Fortunately, there are plenty of internet casino games including online slots UAE residents can enjoy. But first one needs to choose the best online casino for Emiratis.

There are many UAE friendly online casinos operating on the web. But they differ in how safe and convenient they are to play at. Among the top 10 UAE online casinos are Spin Palace, Casino.com and 888 Casino. To select these web platforms a variety of criteria was taken into account such as licensing jurisdiction, payment method, bonuses and customer service.

Some of the UAE accepted online casinos have licenses issued in Belize, Costa Rica or Panama. This means that you should better avoid visiting them since there is no guarantee that the safety of such platforms is monitored regularly.

Many of the top rated online casinos UAE residents can access are licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) or Antigua and Barbuda. These are definitely more preferable. You can try to play at such an UAE casino online if it also meets other criteria.

The safest among the top 10 online casinos UAE players are recommended to play at have received their licenses from Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. In this case local license issuing authorities constantly check whether the financial balance is properly kept and only safe software is used.
After checking the license you should look at the software provider. All the best Emirian casino online platforms choose the top development companies such as NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming. If you see the brand of some of these companies on the website, it is a sure sign that you are dealing with one of the top Emirian online casinos which is trustworthy to gamble at.

Many of the new UAE online casinos offer such a fancy option as a live dealer. This type of web gambling is especially suitable for those who really like the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino houses since instead of digital algorithms this is a pleasantly looking live croupier you are dealing with.

To get a satisfying experience when playing online casino games UAE residents should check whether the customer service is available 24/7 and whether the language of their choice is supported. Since there are many difficulties when it comes to making gambling transactions for the residents of the UAE best online casino platforms are always ready to advise on what payment method it will be better to choose in each particular situation.

You will encounter many bonus offers when gambling at Emirian casinos online. Be careful not to heedlessly embark on them and attentively read their terms of use to avoid unexpected limitations such as maximum winnings or time limits since the latter can substantially influence your chances of winning real money. And remember that the best paying online casino UAE should play at clearly articulate their bonus terms and put them in an easy to find a place on their website.

Those of the UAE players who are not yet ready to play for real money can check Emirian free slots to get some practice and learn about special features of web casino games.
To comfortably gamble at a play online casino UAE residents should also check whether their national currency is being supported. The best of all UAE online casinos accept AED. Apart from AED online casino can also support cryptocurrencies. Today, for the residents of the UAE casino games online operators offer bitcoin and other cryptos as the currency to be used.

One of the most important thing to choose before starting to play at the best UAE casinos online is the payment method. Since it is officially illegal to play at an online casino in UAE, local residents should take care to use only those payment methods which will help them avoid being caught by police. That is why anonymity should be taken into consideration here.

You can, for example, use the much popular MasterCard or Visa cards which do not require your banking details for making deposits. But among the cons of this method is that you can’t withdraw your winnings.

E-wallets can be a perfect solution for you to make gambling transactions in the UAE. In the best casino online UAE residents can also choose from the variety of digital wallets such as Skrill or Square Cash. Or you can try out the e-Wallet, a blockchain based payment system that supports the first cryptocurrency adopted in the UAE.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in United Arab Emirates

Before starting to gamble in the internet it is worth examining such questions as is online gambling allowed in UAE? The fact is, that there are no legal online casinos UAE can officially play at and there is little hope that this situation will change in the foreseeable future. But there are instructions for safe online gambling UAE residents are advised to follow.

Since the UAE is a Muslim country with strong religious principles Emirian online gambling laws reflect the teachings of the Quran. As a result, when it comes to offline or online gambling UAE legislation banishes them all together. But, do not panic. Given today’s technologies and abundance of payment methods, there still are plenty of options in regards to the best online gambling sites UAE residents can gamble at.

What are local gambling laws?

Among the off-line and online gambling laws UAE has adopted one can name the Penal Code which prescribes fines and prison sentences for gamblers. When it comes specifically to the online gambling industry UAE has implemented the Cyber Crimes Law which qualifies running internet gambling platforms as a crime. If caught gambling in an online casino for real money UAE resident can be fined for up to AED 50k (USD 13,5k) or sent to jail for up to 2 years. Without having any online gambling license UAE clandestine operators are often caught and prosecuted.

The prohibitive online gambling law in UAE was further complemented by the special degree issued in 2012 which was aimed at blocking reputable online casinos UAE residents could play at. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority was instructed to develop and implement an “Internet Access Management” policy to block access to many of the AED casino platforms.

It is difficult to find a safe online casino UAE residents can play at without being detected by police. Hopefully, there are expert recommendations one can follow to enjoy gambling at Emirian online casinos.

Local punters often use VPNs to avoid the prosecution for online gambling UAE legal framework prescribes. But keep in mind that the use of VPNs is itself a crime and is therefore prohibited. When gambling online UAE players still are not at risk if they do everything right.

What is the gambling age in UAE?

Since in the UAE online gambling is illegal there is no such thing as the online gambling age UAE residents can play from.

What is local policy in regards to poker, betting, horse racing and lottery?

Although there are no legitimate online casinos UAE players can, indeed, engage in camel and horse racing, sports betting and raffles. As a result, while not having any offline or online gambling authority UAE has the Racing Authority. When it comes to poker, it is prohibited as well as other casino games.

When it comes to online casino UAE legal framework is very strict, but it is still absolutely possible for local residents to freely enjoy internet gambling.

History of Gambling in United Arab Emirates

FYI, both land-based and internet casino houses are banned in the UAE. The laws that ban the UAE based online casinos also prohibit gambling at foreign ships and airplanes while they are within the territory of this country. However, international cruise companies do offer games of chance to Emirians. Many of the so-called land-based AED casinos are actually located at the cruise ships where gambling starts after the vessel leaves the UAE port. One such company is Italy based Costa Cruises – Fortuna. The total area of its casino is 8,500 square feet featuring 74 gambling machines and 19 table games.

If you do not want to leave the country to get an opportunity to visit and play at a gambling house, you can still choose from the plethora of online casinos accepting UAE players. By following the expert recommendations, you will be able to easily find some of the best online casinos for Emiratis on the web.

Among the other gambling options for the UAE are camel racing, sports betting and raffles. This makes many foreigners raise their brows out of wonder since, in many countries throughout the world, including the US, raffles are looked upon as a variety of gambling. But not in the UAE. These are especially the Dubai duty-free draws that make it possible to win big prizes even for people who have never visited this country.

One of the traditional sports in the UAE is camel racing. Although it has a rich history, it was not until recently that camel races began to be full-fledged sporting events with a lot of money invested. Sheikh Zayed poured investments into this sport in 1970s and built racing tracks in 1990s.

Today this sport continues to be relished at the highest level in the UAE. The Crown Prince of Dubai officially committed to supporting camel racing as a part of the national heritage which must be preserved for the future generations of Emirians.

Since there is no UAE approved online casinos and no legally functioning Emirian gambling market is planned to be launched in the near future, the top online casinos for Emirian players run by offshore operators remain to be the only viable option for local residents to gamble at. The only thing you need to do to ensure your safety while gambling on the internet is to follow the recommendations of the experts.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in United Arab Emirates

Although in the UAE online casino sites are prohibited to play at and many of them are being blocked by local authorities there still are some of the best online casinos for Emirian players to choose from.

According to numerous UAE online casino reviews which one can easily find on the internet, the demand for web gambling among local residents is deemed to only grow despite severe restrictions. This is especially true when it comes to the young tech-savvy generation of Emirians who are massively using smartphones with many fancy technologies.

This is why the number of mobile slots UAE residents can play is only to grow thanks to the ease with which they enable one to gamble whenever and wherever one wants.
Virtual reality games are another feature soon to become popular at the new online casinos for UAE players. Together with live casino options they are bound to revolutionize the world of web gambling not only in the Gulf.

For many of the UAE online casinos 2017 was the year when new opportunities were disclosed in regards to cryptocurrencies. The anonymous nature of many cryptos, including bitcoin, make them ideal for making transactions especially for the residents of such countries as the UAE where gambling laws are very strict.

Since, as we have mentioned above the UAE is making significant efforts to adopt the blockchain technologies, it is expected in the near future that many of the top 10 Emirian online casinos will accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Every year there are more payment methods available for gamblers which make it possible to stay undetected by authorities. That is why in online casino AED is soon expected to be supported more actively.

However, given the strict stance of local government with regards to web gambling, there is little hope that Emirians will be allowed to freely gamble at the internet platforms in near future. That is why for everyone who seriously considers web casino offers in the UAE it is so important to closely follow the recommendations of the gambling experts.

UAE Casino FAQ

📌  Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in the UAE?
Unfortunately, both online and offline gambling is banned in the UAE. According to the Cyber Crimes Law regulating the online gambling industry, running and playing at an online casino is a crime. Emirian residents found playing the online casino are to be fined up to ~ USD $13 500 or jailed for up to 2 years.

Despite the harsh gambling environment intensified with blockage of online gambling venues for residents from UAE, there are some decent casinos to play at. We have compiled the list of the venues circumventing the Internet Access Management policy of the UAE to provide services to Emirian and international gamblers.

📌  Is Sports Betting Legal in the UAE?
Though every bit of gambling is forbidden on the territory of UAE, local gamesters are allowed to engage in camel racing, horse racing, raffles, and sports betting. The state doesn’t have an official body regulating either online or offline gambling except for the Racing Authority.

To safely engage in sports betting, you can a) access websites legalized in the UAE b) play from one of the gambling-friendly territories c) circumvent the law and gamble at checked websites that accept dirham.

📌  Is It Safe for Players from the UAE to Gamble Online?
Since almost all gambling activities except for camel races, horse races, raffles, and sports betting are banished, safety and security are up to you. We recommend three basic safety measures: a) play at the time-tested websites registered in the decent jurisdictions (avoid venues from Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize in favor of casinos licensed in the UK, Antigua, and Alderney); b) choose private deposit options (for example, crypto); c) use VPN services if you’re playing from the UAE.
📌  Do Emirian Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?
Yes, Emirian online casinos offer bonuses. The casino may not offer exclusive perks for players depositing in AED, but most likely it provides no-deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards, as well as promotes its hottest slot machines and card games.

The crucial thing to remember is wagering requirements, which you have to complete to be eligible to cash out bonuses. Wagering requirements are usually reduced to some specific amount of money that you should wager at the casino card game or slot machine. For example, a $100 bonus with a 10x wagering means you have to bet at least $1000 on the game to be able to cash out the bonus.

📌  What Deposit Methods Can I Use?
The first thing to remember is that you should use only private deposit methods. Any traceable transaction puts you in danger of being caught by police. Anonymous deposit methods are King when it comes to playing at Emirian casinos. Make sure that a) you do not disclose banking details or identity when depositing b) the casino provides at least one safe withdrawal method; otherwise, you may have problems when trying to withdraw winnings.

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