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QIWI casino is a staple of Russian online gambling. The most reputable online casinos in Russia are striving to integrate QIWI among other payment methods as it delivers the outstanding capability of securing the casino payments which is very important for local players.

While processing your deposit or withdrawal at sites that accept QIWI, you can ensure its confidentiality yourself. Not only it allows to overcome the blocking of transactions connected to betting, but also allows exchanging real money between you and a casino with no unveiling of your personal and financial data. Needless to say, this innovative payment gateway provides the high-end convenience, rapidness, and mobile compatibility.

This article traditionally provides you with the categorized list of the best online gambling sites powered by QIWI, approved by the team of our experts. On the top of that, you will find the how-to on utilizing this payment provider for deposits and withdrawals, brief intro to the gambling environment in Russia, and common bonus tricks you have to watch out. Enjoy the read and access the best in class games at the casinos from our directory!

Best Online Casinos that accept QIWI

QIWI Casinos for Real Money

QIWI is the leading provider of the new-era payment and financial services in Russia and the Post-Soviet area. You will definitely feel the convenience and innovativeness of the platform while playing QIWI casinos. It’s true that many players have switched to QIWI online casino primarily because of the loyalty to the payment system itself, which holds the dominance on the market with more than 47 million active users. Nonetheless, online casinos that accept QIWI provide punters with an important ability to make offline or encrypted online gambling transactions. This feature enables not to associate any personal or financial data with such transactions, making casinos that accept QIWI a viable gaming option under the harsh online gambling regulation in Russia. The overall popularity of the platform combined with the next-level security results in the ever-increasing popularity of casinos that take QIWI for granted. Read further to learn the details and perks of using QIWI as your gambling financial operator.

How to Deposit at QIWI Casinos?

In QIWI casinos deposit can be placed in two fundamentally different ways — in cash and online. We will briefly cover the step-by-step for both in this section. Remember that you can find out what casinos accept QIWI via consulting the list presented above in this article. Regardless of the preferable way of payment, start off with the following:

  • Select the best QIWI casino from our list
  • Click the QIWI deposit in casino corresponding section

If you are about to perform a cash transfer:

  • Copy the casino QIWI wallet ID
  • Learn the terminal location here
  • Head to the nearest terminal and transfer the cash to the online casino QIWI wallet

If you would like to pay online, just follow the guidelines provided by QIWI online casinos to process the transaction on the redirected page. Also, the casinos are accepting QIWI transfers performed manually from your wallet, be it desktop or mobile. Keep in mind that there are certain limits on the volume of a deposit imposed both by QIWI and casino operators. The upper limit of a transaction in QIWI depends on your account type, while gambling sites determine the limits on their own. Make sure you check for both so the limits are not violating each other.

How to Withdraw from QIWI Casinos?

QIWI casinos withdrawal is pretty much the same to the deposit procedure. Just head to the corresponding section of your casino and claim your winning by clicking on the QIWI logo. You will be logged in through the redirected page to input your wallet data. Mind that the procedure is not instant and QIWI withdrawal time may take a bit longer than depositing, depending on the casino. It is also worth mentioning that QIWI deposits do not necessarily mean that you have come across a casino with QIWI withdrawal, so look carefully if you are willing to withdraw exactly via this method.

Advantages of Using QIWI as Deposit Methods

Apart from convenience and innovation, QIWI is stepping forward in terms of security. As we have mentioned before, you can place cash deposits in QIWI casino sites which is a great benefit, allowing to leave no personal data footprint after the transaction. For those who are not feeling like cash hassles, the blockchain technology was introduced recently so you can pay online at the top QIWI casinos feeling secure — you will find out why it is important while reading the next section. Last but not least, at online casinos accepting QIWI for deposit you can operate with any preferable currency — QIWI’s integrated exchange service will take care of all the issues.

QIWI Casinos by Countries

QIWI Casinos in Russia

We’ve all heard of the astonishing level of control over online casino Russia employs. If you haven’t, be aware that even though inland gambling is regulated and legal (depending on the region), Roskomnadzor is doing its best to stop russian rubles online casinos flow. Not only the casino domains are blocked throughout the country, but there is also an agreement between local search engines and the government to block gambling-associated results. Moreover, using any tools to bypass this block (e.g. VPN) is also planned to be given the unlawful status in due course. The surveillance also brings the administrative responsibility for players (mostly fines) so gamblers across the country are desperately seeking for ways of additional security, like running across alternative payment operators (for example, WebMoney casino online).

Russian online casinos that accept QIWI represent the largest fraction of “safe” gambling sites to play. When it comes to QIWI online casino in Russia, the system allows a player to place deposits without leaving any track of personal or financial data (through using cash transfer via a terminal or making blockchain payments) therefore eliminating the risk of prosecutions. There are other payment operators offering the same service, but the domination of QIWI on the market, it’s innovativeness and ever-growing user base is driving the Russia QIWI gambling forward. Looking for a care-free gambling session in that area? See our signature selection of QIWI online casinos in Russia and leave the worries behind!

QIWI Casino Types

QIWI casinos are not just one thing. There is a whole bunch of variations to the classic way of playing a casino supported by this payment gateway. Below, we discuss and present the most popular QIWI casino types, basing on the players’ search inquiries frequency.

Mobile Casinos that Accept QIWI

It can’t be denied the smartphone era is here already. As we are successfully transferring all of our daily activities, both routine stuff, and entertainment, to our phones, why not take gambling mobile? Perhaps, that’s what the majority of casino operators thought one day, creating a great deal of smartphone-friendly gambling sites, including QIWI mobile casino.

What makes a mobile casino with QIWI payment gateway so cool? First and foremost, it’s convenience. Whenever you are hitting another casino mobile QIWI has a compatible solution right for your phone — be it iOS, Android or Windows. A beautiful thing about the “native” app is that mobile casino QIWI deposit process is now taking place entirely on one single gadget. And you can bring your QIWI casino mobile everywhere! That’s right, placing a QIWI deposit at mobile casino is now possible at any given moment of time and any location, just connect to the web. No more hassle with finding terminals or looking for a wi-fi spot to connect the laptop.

It goes without saying that the quality of gameplay is no different from traditional desktop version if it’s not for the better. For instance, playing mobile casino QIWI gets more interactive using smartphone features like a camera (e.g. AR), geolocation, orientation sensitivity etc.

Given the popularity of the payment system together with all the benefits, a mobile casino accepting QIWI is capable to deliver, there is no wonder that there are so many of them nowadays. Don’t waste your time on filtering for the best online mobile casinos running on the QIWI system — we got all of them collected in one place just for you!

Live Casinos That Accept QIWI

Who knew that combining broadcasting with traditional online casino will result in gambling phenomenon? In live casino dealers are streamed from the real casino hall, shuffling cards and giving the floor to the millions of players on the other side of the screen to make their turns. This approach has turned out to be crazy entertaining and live casinos with QIWI casino deposits are holding a strong position in this niche. Real-time action may sometimes require a very rapid way to raise the stakes, that’s why for the live casino QIWI works best. It is a convenient and fast way to make a deposit whenever you feel the fortune. Pick the best online live casino QIWI at our directory and have fun!

New Casinos That Accept QIWI

Oh, the thrill of experiencing the new online casinos! In no way this precious feeling should be spoiled. We can tell that the new QIWI online casinos emerge almost on a daily basis, so it’s a real challenge to find a worthy one now. Of course, the new casinos QIWI presence itself is a positive sign but there is still a whole universe of things to evaluate prior to becoming confident with the choice. If you feel more like enjoying the buzz rather than researching, keep an eye on our casino list — every new QIWI casino will appear on the top of it, already approved to be fun and secure.

QIWI Casino Bonuses

It’s true that every QIWI casino bonus is all about marketing, created to attract new customers. And since these bonuses are doing it perfectly well, there is nothing bad if you can’t resist using them. The only obligatory thing before accepting the temptation is knowing all the possible pitfalls which may occur along this way. Never heard of wagering requirements? Then this section is right for you! But first, let’s recap the major bonus types:

  • Deposit bonus. Also known as “Welcome bonus” this is a one-time online casino QIWI bonus awarded for the initial customer registration followed with a real money deposit. The bonus multiplies a deposit according to the rate. Yes, 100% bonus applied to a $200 deposit will result in $400, ready to play.
  • No-deposits. These can occur for an unlimited number of times, on a nearly random basis. There can be virtually any reason — festive days, important milestones or at no reason at all. A bonus itself may not necessarily be money — players can be awarded with free rolls or free spins.

Never forget that bonuses are far from charity. Don’t get us wrong, you will get your money, but under some particular circumstances. Make sure you read the bonus T&C to avoid the following issues:

  • Exaggerated wagering requirements. Super-attractive bonuses are very likely to have it. Basically, this limitation sets the size of the total betting pool you have to obtain in order to be able to make a withdrawal. Let’s take the $400 of acquired bonus. Wagering requirement of 20x means you need to make $8000 of bets first.
  • Limited time of bonus application. We mean very limited.
  • Selected array of games available for the bonus usage. Most probably these games need extra promotion and are out of your preference.

The above is not applicable for every casino, however. Reputable gambling venues will never impose overwhelming or abusive bonus conditions.


📌  Are QIWI Casinos Safe to Play?
Using QIWI payment gateway for gambling purposes is absolutely safe. This is one of the leading e-payment systems in the Post-Soviet area, and over 20 million of users just can’t be wrong. Make sure you select a reliable casino — QIWI will take care of the rest.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept QIWI?
QIWI is one of the most popular payment means in the Post-Soviet region, thus nearly every casino which targets or origins from this area will almost certainly integrate it to own infrastructure. Find the best gambling sites running on this system in our list above.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I can Deposit via QIWI?
There is no lower limit on the deposits you can place via QIWI. Mind that casinos are likely to provide their own requirements on the minimal amount of a deposit. Check it out in advance.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via QIWI?
The transaction’s upper limit depends on the membership plan you select. An entry-level profile allows to proceed as much as $230 per transaction. As you upgrade the profile, this limit will increase. You can verify the figures here. Also, keep in mind the casino’s own requirements. Upper limits are not as likely as lower ones, still, you have to make sure that limits of both QIWI and casino do match.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
No, there is no fee to be imposed in case casino has a QIWI wallet as well. Transfers from QIWI to other bank accounts are a subject to commission, particular for each bank.
📌  Are QIWI Deposits Instant?
Yes, all the money transfers are immediate.
📌  Are QIWI Deposits Allowed in My Country?
As for today, QIWI payment gateway is supported in 8 countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, the USA, Brazil, and Jordan. Also, there is a number of countries contracting the services on the franchise basis. Learn the full geography here. If it’s not for your country of residence, consider looking for an online casino Paysafecard powered.
📌  Can I Use QIWI in Mobile Casinos?
Yes, QIWI is fully compatible with mobile platforms. QIWI wallet is available for download at App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

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