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In Neosurf casinos you can instantly deposit real money without having to pass any registration procedures. These are substantial advantages if you take into consideration how important it is to seamlessly make payments when playing at online casinos without having to worry that your banking details and personal data will be used by third parties.

Neosurf is one of the biggest prepaid card systems in the world. There some 140 000 outlets where its vouchers are sold in Europe, Africa North America and Australia.

To make an online casino deposit with Neosurf you simply need to buy a voucher which can vary in values ranging from €10 to €100 and send money to your gambling account just as you refill a mobile phone. As a result, when making deposits for betting with this online payment method you will not be overwhelmed with some cumbersome registration procedures neither will you have to wait for hours till your money is transferred to your gambling account.

Today, there are many gambling sites that accept Neosurf along with other payment methods. They each has its own bonus terms and is available across different types of platforms, including PC and mobile devices. At our website, you can get a list of online casinos that accept this payment method as well as learn more about what Neosurf gambling websites are available in your country of residence.

Gamblers from francophone countries as well as from the US, Canada, and Australia can now use this simple payment option when playing the games of chance on the internet.

It should also be said that much of the information about Neosurf is available in the French language. The aim of our overview is, therefore, to present Neosurf to English speaking gamblers in a way as to enable them to decide whether this online payment method is suitable for making their gambling transactions.

Best Online Casinos that accept Neosurf

Neosurf Casinos for Real Money

There are dozens if not hundreds of online casinos that accept Neosurf along with other payment methods at their websites. And there are certainly sound reasons for its popularity among gambling providers and web gamblers in different countries around the world.

Neosurf was launched as a fintech start-up back in 2005 in France. Since then it has become a popular online payment method in other francophone countries such as Belgium, as well as in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany. Today Neosurf prepaid cards are available to be bought in 55 countries. More than 20 000 websites accept it as an online payment method. Many of them are online casinos that take Neosurf for making deposits.

Apart from making gambling deposits in cash at online casinos that accept Neosurf, you can use these vouchers you can also easily buy bitcoins and try out your luck in online casinos which accept cryptocurrencies. This option has become available thanks to collaboration between Neosurf and a Paris based fintech start-up called Bitit.

Such cryptos as bitcoin, altcoin and ether are becoming more popular among online casinos throughout the world since they allow to make instant money transactions anonymously without having to pay any additional fees. This is especially important for gamblers in those countries where online casinos are officially banned.

Below we will show you that when it comes to using Neosurf online casino transactions can be made in a blink of an eye without having to worry about the security issues.

How to Deposit at Neosurf Casinos?

With Neosurf deposit casino transactions can be made in an easy and convenient way. As we have already mentioned, today there are many online casinos accepting Neosurf. If you want to make a gambling deposit in a Neosurf casino you need to make a few simple steps.

First, you have to find an outlet where Neosurf vouchers are sold in your neighborhood at the company’s websites. After that, you should make it clear what casinos accept Neosurf and choose the one that you consider to be the best.

Next, after you have picked an online casino Neosurf should be chosen as the payment method among other available options. At the back of the prepaid card, there will be a 10-digit PIN code which you should enter to validate your transactions at Neosurf online casinos.

After you enter the validation code your money will be immediately transferred to your online gambling account. Consequently, if you want to make instant money transactions at an online casino Neosurf is a convenient payment method to choose.

As you can see in Neosurf casinos deposit can be made without having to pass any online registration procedures.

How to Withdraw from Neosurf Casinos?

Although it is quite convenient and easy to make gambling deposits in an online casino with Neosurf withdrawal transactions are not possible with the use of this payment solution. There is nothing to wonder here since it is natural that you cannot transfer cash to a Neosurf prepaid card which is used much like a voucher to refill one’s mobile phone account.

Although one cannot get his money from an online gambling provider with the use of Neosurf casino withdrawal transactions can be made with plenty of other secure and convenient payment methods. At our website, you can get acquainted with the advantages of using some of the most popular online payment services.

Advantages of Using Neosurf as Deposit Methods

When playing at online casinos accepting Neosurf for depositing there are obvious advantages for using this payment option. With this type of prepaid cards, you will not have to pass a tedious registration procedure and fill in all the information required by your online casino operator or digital payment service. There is simply no need to do all of this if you choose to make deposits with Neosurf.

All you need to do is to buy a Neosurf prepaid card for the sum equivalent to the size of the gambling deposit you are going to make at your online casino. That’s it. You do not have to worry that some third party will learn about your personal banking data and use for its own purposes. You also should not spend time and efforts to properly fill in all the registration fields which are often required by other online payment services.

Besides that, at Neosurf casino sites you do not have to worry about any security related issues. This company uses the highest technological standards to encrypt the online transactions of their users such as SSL cryptographic certificates and 128-bit data encryption algorithms.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, one can also point out that since Neosurf is a prepaid card payment service there will be no chargebacks on the part of online casino operators if you choose to make your gambling deposits.

On the other hand, the fact that you can deposit only a limited sum of money helps you to avoid overspending when playing at the online casinos that accept Neosurf among their payment methods. As a result, you have full control over the funds you are going to spend when gambling on the internet.

Another advantage of Neosurf is that you can use cash to make a deposit in an online casino. Which means that you do not even need to have an opened bank account to start gambling on the internet.

An important positive feature of using Neosurf when gambling online is that your deposit will be instantly made once you enter the validation code. Consequently, you will not have to wait several hours or even days for the money to be transferred to your online gambling account as is the case when you choose to use some other payment methods which are at the disposal of web gamblers.

We hope that the advantages about which we have mentioned above will inspire you to choose this convenient online payment option for making gambling deposits and pick some of the top Neosurf casinos to play at.

Neosurf Casinos by Country

Neosurf Casinos in Canada

There are many Canadian online casinos which accept Neosurf as a reliable and easy to use payment method for making deposits. If they want to play in a Neosurf casino Canada based punters should buy its vouchers at Payment Source points of sale. These two companies have concluded a cooperation agreement in 2015.

Residents from both English speaking and French speaking provinces can conveniently play at Canadian online casinos that accept Neosurf since the customer service of this payment service is available in both of these languages.

Online casinos are officially legal at some of the Canadian provinces. However, all Canadians are free to play at international online gambling platforms that operate in offshore territories and are not subject to local laws.

When it comes to Neosurf Canada gambling platforms that are run by province authorities, including PlayNow in British Columbia or Espacejeux in Quebec, tend not to accept this online service among their payment methods. On the other hand, there are many Neosurf casinos Canada gamblers can play at that operate in offshore zones and are not subject to local laws. Among the most famous websites that accept this online payment method and provide their services in Canada are Jackpot City, Spin Palace, River Belle, Play Frank and VideoSlots.

As you can see, when playing in an online casino in Canada Neosurf is worth choosing as the payment method for making deposits.

Neosurf Casinos in UK

In UK online casinos often accept Neosurf as the payment method for making gambling deposits. If they want to gamble in a Neosurf casino UK players should find a nearby Payzone store to buy a voucher. The map with all such outlets can be found at the Payzone’s website.

It is completely safe to use Neosurf for making online gambling transactions in Great Britain since in 2011 it was registered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorized Electronic Money Institution.

In the UK online casinos are officially allowed since 2005. Local Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating local online casino market. There are also many Neosurf casinos UK punters can play at that operate from abroad. VideoSlots, Play Frank, and Slots Magic are among the best online gambling platforms available to punters from the UK where this payment method is available.

To sum up, one can say that if you want to have a seamless gambling experience while playing in an online casino in UK Neosurf prepaid cards are an excellent method to easily make instant deposits while staying anonymous.

Neosurf Casinos in Australia

There many online casinos that are available to the residents of Australia which accept Neosurf. Local residents are free to play at foreign gambling websites. It must be said that Aussies have been recently named the biggest gamblers in the world. A substantial part of money spent on gambling in Australia goes to online casinos and this is where such convenient payment methods as Neosurf come in hand.

If they want to play in a Neosurf casino Australia based punters should buy a voucher in a nearby shop where they are available. At the company’s website, you can find an online map with all the outlets in your city where you can buy Neosurf prepaid cards.

Recently, many Aussie online casinos start to accept Neosurf as the payment method at their websites. For example, Fair Go casino, which is one of the most popular online gambling platforms in Australia, has launched even a special promotion campaign for those of its visitors who choose to use Neosurf prepaid cards to make online deposits. As a result, players were presented with free bonuses of 400% for deposits up to $1,000, plus 40 free spins on some of the most popular games of this online casino.

Apart from Fair Go these are also such online casinos as SlotoCash and Slot Joint that are available to Punters from Australia and at the same time accept Neosurf among their payment methods.

In a Neosurf casino Australia online gamblers can definitely make secure and fast deposits which make it a perfect payment method for Aussie gamblers.

Neosurf Casinos in Germany

There are plenty of Germany online casinos that accept Neosurf. In order to play in Neosurf casinos Germany based players should find a nearby shop where they can buy its vouchers at the company’s website.

Although online casinos are not officially allowed in Germany, each state has its own policy on how to restrict it which makes the overall picture quite complicated. Nevertheless, there are many reputable websites which operate in offshore zones and offer their services to local punters.

Among the best online casinos that accept Neosurf and in the same time are available to be played at by German punters one can name such web gambling platforms as SlotoCash, Fair Go, and Slot Joint.

To sum up, if they want to preserve their anonymity and easily make deposits in online casinos Germany based punters should definitely try out Neosurf as their payment method.

Neosurf Casinos in France

It is natural that Neosurf is a popular online deposit method among French gamblers since this company was initially launched in France and has since gained a widespread recognition and popularity in this country. Consequently, it is quite easy for local gamblers to find a nearby outlet at the company’s website to buy the prepaid cards and start playing at France online casinos that accept Neosurf.

Although online casino games are not officially allowed in this country there are many international web gambling platforms that offer their services to punters from France. Consequently, if they want to play in online casinos France based players have a wide choice of web gambling venues to choose from. When it comes specifically to online casinos that accept Neosurf as their payment method and in the same time are available for punters from France, one can name such websites as Fair Go, Slot Joint and Uptown Aces.

So, if they decide to play in Neosurf casinos France based punters will certainly get a smooth experience when making online deposits.

Neosurf Casino Types

Mobile Casinos that Accept Neosurf

Mobile casinos are all the rage today among the online gamblers in many countries of the world. We now all use smartphones and the easiness with which one can hit million jackpots while walking down the street or driving in one’s car appeals to many punters.

It does not matter what mobile platform you use since Neosurf apps are available as best Android real money casino and iOS options. This is just another reason why in the world of mobile casino Neosurf is such a popular online payment method.

When making a deposit at a mobile casino with Neosurf you just need to pick this payment method among other options available at the website of your gambling provider and enter your validation code. Your money will be instantly transferred to your account at the online casino you are gambling at. In other words, in a mobile casino Neosurf deposit can be made with a few taps on the screen of your smartphone device.

In a Neosurf casino mobile app sometimes should be downloaded to be able to start playing. While in many cases you can simply gamble from your smartphone browser.

It should also be said that in some cases if you make a Neosurf deposit mobile casino can give you a special bonus to encourage other players to use this convenient payment method. This often happens if an online casino has just started to offer this payment option and wants to make it more popular among its clients.

At such famous platforms as SlotoCash, Play Frank and Fair Go casino mobile Neosurf is accepted along with other online payment services. You should also remember that when web platforms that feature such an option as mobile casino accept Neosurf, it does not necessarily mean that they are the best gambling venues that you can play at. You should also check other criteria such as their license, the quality of game graphics and bonus terms. But after picking a suitable mobile casino you can be sure that with Neosurf your gambling experience will be more than satisfactory.

There are also some drawbacks associated with mobile casinos. The variety of games is not so rich as at the online casinos and there are also security-related issues which make it more difficult to protect mobile gambling venues from hacker attacks. But all these drawbacks apply to mobile casinos in general and not only to those of them which accept Neosurf.

Of course, smartphones will not go away any soon and we will see more Neosurf mobile casino platforms in the future. Being such a convenient online payment method which does not require to fill in many registration fields for making a money transaction, Neosurf is especially suitable for being used at mobile casinos to make gambling deposits.

Live Casinos that Accept Neosurf

Live casino sites are becoming more popular nowadays among the online gamblers across the world. There is no wonder in it since this type of online gambling gives one a unique opportunity to fully immerse oneself into the atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos without having to leave one’s home.

In the world of live casino Neosurf is accepted at such famous online gambling platforms as Royal Vegas, Jackpot City, and River Belle, to name a just a few of them. There are of course many more online casinos which accept Neosurf and at the same time offer their visitors the live dealer games.

Online streaming technologies which stand behind this innovation make it possible to instantly transfer the data from the sensors inserted into the playing cards handed by the croupier in the land-based casino studio as well as show the results of real money roulette spins on the screen.

Besides that, what makes live casinos so special is that one gets an unprecedented opportunity to pleasantly chat with a live dealer and other players while gambling online. You also do not need to follow any dress code. All you need to have to seamlessly play in a Neosurf live dealer casino is a good internet connection.

One of the drawbacks of live casinos is that the variety of games is not that rich as in regular online gambling platforms. We hope that with time as there will be more land-based gambling studios this problem will be solved.

Without a doubt, when playing in an online live casino Neosurf is a convenient payment method for making deposit transactions. Since your money are instantly transferred to your online gambling account you can easily interact with the dealer without delays. All you need to do is to buy a sufficient number of Neosurf vouchers in the neighboring outlet so as not to have to run to it every time you need to make just another bet.

New Casinos that Accept Neosurf

Since it is such a convenient and widely used online payment method it is often the case that in a newest online casino Neosurf is accepted along with other options for making deposits.

New online casinos are appearing on the internet every now and then making the sector of web gambling very competitive. To survive high competition from rival web gambling platforms new online casinos should present their potential players with some truly unique offerings. These could be some special bonus offers, high-quality game graphics or an online customer service that is always ready to help the gamblers with some difficult money withdrawal issues.

As you can see there is definitely more than enough reasons to regularly check the new Neosurf casino venues for some exciting features that they offer to their players. However, before making the final decision and start playing, you should also check all the other criteria such as safety-related and licensing issues since the fact that a new online casino accepts Neosurf among its payment methods is not yet a sufficient proof that it is worth playing at.

Besides that, at Neosurf new casinos one can often encounter some exciting gaming options that soon will disrupt the world of online gambling. For example, virtual reality games are considered by many as the next big thing that will revolutionize the way we gamble online and some of the new Neosurf casinos are planning to introduce them in the near future.

Neosurf Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are an important feature that can significantly influence your gambling experience at a particular online casino. It is often the case that at a Neosurf casino bonus offerings can be found which differ in their size and terms.

There are different types of bonuses, including registration bonuses, no deposit bonuses, refer a friend bonuses and special online promotions. All of these types of bonuses are being offered at the online casinos that accept Neosurf.

Registration bonuses are a special type of welcome promos that are available at online casinos. Quite often these are free spins or deposit match bonuses which one gets for signing up at an online gambling platform. Neosurf online casinos usually offer their visitors 100% match bonuses where the sum that you have deposited with this payment method is doubled. Sometimes, however, they can even be as big as 500%.

These are also no deposit bonuses that can often be encountered at Neosurf online casinos among the welcome promos which are meant to attract new players. What makes this type of casino offerings so unique is the fact that you do not have to make any online deposits at all to get them. All you need to do is to get registered at an online casino that accepts Neosurf and has no bonus deposits among its promos.

There also are refer a friend bonuses but nowadays you do not see them that often at Neosurf online casinos. If you come across one you may consider yourself quite lucky. They are aimed at attracting more new punters to start playing at a particular online casino. Those who succeed to bring new clients to a web gambling platform are usually getting some extra money to play with or some free spins.

Apart from welcome bonuses whose aim is to attract new gamblers, at online casinos that accept Neosurf there are also special offerings which are presented to players at a monthly basis and depend on the number of deposits the latter make. Naturally, at online casinos that accept Neosurf there are big and frequent bonuses for high rollers and for gamblers who have reached the VIP program by being loyal for a sufficient period of time.

However, before taking a bonus you should also carefully read its terms of use since there could be some unexpected limitations which can make it appear less remunerative. Therefore, you should check the list of eligible games to which a particular bonus applies, make sure what are the time limits associated with it as well as find out whether there are any wagering requirements that you will have to meet.

There sometimes can be bonuses offered specifically for those users who decide to choose Neosurf as their online payment method. As we have already mentioned, this has been recently the case with Fair Go casino in Australia. If you come across such promo make sure to take it.

In an online casino Neosurf bonus offerings are among those things that turn your gambling experience into an exciting and joyful endeavor.

Neosurf Casino FAQ

📌  Are Neosurf Casinos Safe to Play?
Neosurf itself is a safe method for making online payments. In 2011 it has passed the registration in the UK Financial Conduct Authority and became an Authorized Electronic Money Institution with a passport to provide services across the European Economic Area. If online gambling platforms that accept Neosurf are properly licensed they can also be regarded as safe to play at.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept Neosurf?
No. Not all online gambling venues accept Neosurf as the payment method. At our site you can check the list of the best Neosurf online casinos.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Neosurf?
Since Neosurf is a prepaid service there are certain limits as to minimum deposits you can make with it. These limits vary among different online gambling venues but cannot be smaller than €10 since this is lowest nominal Neosurf vouchers are available in.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Neosurf?
The maximum amount that you can deposit with Neosurf varies depending on the online platform you are playing at. But it cannot be bigger than €100 since this is the highest nominal Neosurf vouchers are available in.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
Neosurf does not charge you any fees for making an online money transaction except in some special cases. For example, some exchange fees will be extracted if you want to pay in a currency other than those supported by Neosurf. Likewise, if you do not activate your voucher during a year after you bought it you will have to pay a €2 inactivity fee on a monthly basis. The same fee applies in case you are not using you voucher for six months. It also must be said that online gambling venues rarely charge their visitors for using Neosurf as a payment method.
📌  Are Neosurf Deposits Instant?
Yes. After you enter your validation code your money will be immediately transferred to your online gambling account without any delay.
📌  Are Neosurf Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Today Neosurf is available in 55 countries of the world. You can check their list at the company’s website. If you find out that Neosurf deposits are not allowed in your country, then you should check Skrill online casinos which offer yet another convenient and easy digital payment method. It also must be said that in PayPal casino you can also make online money transactions in an easy and secure way.
📌  Can I Use Neosurf in Mobile Casinos?
You definitely can use Neosurf in mobile casinos. It is a very popular method for making deposits at such gambling platforms since few taps on the screen of your smartphone are all it takes to transfer money with this online payment service.

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