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Online gambling is on its peak in Canada — since the Canadian government has accrued more than $17 billion in 2017, its revenue is on the total rise every year. The fellow gamblers from Canada might be interested in the fact that their country has its own casino licensing body that has already approved hundreds of the online casinos all over the world. It’s called the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and is located on the First Nation’s land, together with the servers where 60%of online casinos run their traffic.

Even though Kahnawake Gaming Commission is not always listed as the world’s best online casino licensing institution, it doesn’t mean it’s bad or less reliable — it’s just less popular and can’t stand the competition with the market majors like the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. To prove it, we’ve created the list of the approved online gambling sites licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission so you can see by yourself how good many of them are. Besides the casino list, on this page, you’ll also find out:

  • How Kahnawake Gaming Commission works;
  • How much the casino pays to get the Kahnawake license;
  • How exactly the players’ are protected.

Best Kahnawake Licensed Online Casino Sites:

Kahnawake Gaming Commission Framework

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was founded back in 1996 and has gone a long way since then. Starting as a small Canadian casino licence issuer, it’s now quite a big player on the global stage, even though not as recognized as some larger ones. There are a lot of online casinos that want to work under the Canadian Jurisdiction and Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the one who can make their dream come true and legally add them to the list of online casinos licensed in Canada. But how the Commission works and what should a casino do to get the Gambling License from Kahnawake? Let’s find out together.

How the Commission Works?

Basically, the process of issuing the license is all the same for every institution, with the slight differences in application requirements and licensing fees. Let’s imagine a casino wants to work under Canadian online gambling jurisdiction. The only way to do it for international casino today is to become one of the casinos with Kahnawake License. So the long way starts. First of all, the casino owners that want to get the Canada casino license would need to collect a set of documents required by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and pay the fee, compulsive for everyone aiming for the Canada online gambling license. By the way: the fee wouldn’t be returned even if the online casino Canada don’t get the license. When the documents are approved, the thorough casino check-up starts. To become one of the online casinos regulated by the Kahnawake, the website should prove that it’s 100% fair, its RNGs work properly, its financial situation is favorable enough to pay the winnings to the potential licensed Canadian Online Casinos players, etc. And only when all the boxes are ticked, the honorary rank of the Kahnawake casinos is awarded.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

Now let’s talk in more details about the documents that online casinos licensed and regulated in Canada should provide. Even though you are probably not going to open an online casino yourself (although, who knows?), it will help you to understand what a complicated process it is to make it to the list of casinos regulated by Kahnawake and play in one of them with no worries — a fraudulent casino would never make such effort. So, to acquire the online gambling licenses in Canada, the casinos need to provide:

  • Identification of the business entity that applies for the license;
  • Personal Information Form filled in by every director and shareholder;
  • Key person License Application Form;
  • A list of all the directors with a CV;
  • Annual reports for the past 3 years;
  • Control System Submission, etc.

Besides, the company that wants to become one of the casinos licensed by Kahnawake will be required to pay $40000 as an application fee + $5000 for the Key Person License Application, for every key person planned.

Types of Licences Issued by the Kahnawake Regulatory Authority

Not all the licenses issued to the casinos are the same — the type of the one depends on which services the online casinos with Kahnawake License are going to provide to the players, how large the company is, and some other factors. As for today, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers four types of the licenses to the casino sites that are licensed in Canada. When it comes to the land-based casinos, they need to apply for the separate licenses that are not the point of our guide today.

Interactive Gaming License

Interactive Gaming License is the one that would be needed if there is the company that wants to provide hosting services on the Kahnawake territory. Not exactly an online casino, yet still a gambling-related stuff. It looks like there are not so many of those who would like to provide this kind of services as, since 1999, only one Interactive Gaming License has been issued, meaning there is only one company that is allowed to host websites in Kahnawake.

Client Provider Authorization

That’s the type of the license that most of the best casinos with Kahnawake License hold. It’s issued to the online casinos that want to provide online gambling services to the players from Kahnawake. There is no separate license type for poker betting websites and online sports betting services so they should also apply for the Client Provider Authorization license.

Interjurisdictional Authorization

The Client Provider Authorization license is required if it’s the first ever license issued to the online casino. But if the website has already been licensed by some other international licensing institution and now wants to spread out its services to Kahnawake territories (hire or place the employees, locate servers, etc.) then the Interjurisdictional Authorization License is needed.

Key Person License

The first three kinds of licenses are issued to the companies while the Key Person License is issued to the individuals, as you could guess from the license name. During the application process, the Key Person should be chosen or elected by every casino. It would be the one who would be contacted in case something went wrong and the one who will be holding responsibility for the casino’s adhering to all the laws and rules.

And now when we are talking about the rules, let’s take a closer look at the main principles of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, supported by the online casinos that are happy to hold its license. Don’t forget: the best of them are listed on SlotsUp to bring you the joy of real money bets and real money winnings.

Kahnawake Regulatory Authority Reputation & Players Protection

When the licensing institution is evaluating the applicant, it doesn’t just randomly look at it and decides “ok, this one looks nice” or “no, this one is not getting the license”. There is a list of the key principles which should be reflected in the casino’s operational processes — only in this case, the casino can obtain the license. This list is more or less the same for most of the licensing institution and here is how Kahnawake Gaming Commission is evaluating its applicants.

Players Protection

The main goal for any online gambling licensing body is to be sure that every player in the casinos working under its jurisdiction is safe and protected. Before issuing the license, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission ensures that all the information shared with the casino by the player is properly encrypted, safe from cyber-attacks (yes, casinos often fall under hackers’ assaults), and not shared with anyone without the player’s authorization. Besides, the casino should care about the gambling addiction issue and keep watch and ward to detect it in time.

Fair Gaming

This point is quite obvious: to get the Kahnawake online gambling license, the casino should offer the fair games only. It doesn’t mean that they should bring you a win every time you play but it means that there should be no hidden pitfalls and the Random Number Generators should not be tampered with. The website fairness is thoroughly examined and only the best ones can get the Kahnawake Gaming license.

Funds Protection

You don’t need to care about money if you are playing free games on SlotsUp but the financial safety becomes an issue when you move towards the real money gambling in one of the casinos licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. With funds protection being one of the key operational principles, the KGC makes sure that your funds are secure and the casino has enough money to pay out the wins and accepts the safe banking options only.

Operator Responsibilities

To sum up this list, we should mention that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is not just watching helplessly. The casino operator is responsible for everything happening in its business meaning that as soon as something goes wrong — the actions will be taken and the license can be terminated in any moment.

Kahnawake Regulatory Authority for Online Games FAQ

Still have some questions about the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or just scrolled right down to this part to get all the main information briefly? Here is the list of the frequently asked questions with the answers given by the experienced SlotsUp team.

📌  Can Canada Regulated Online Casinos Really Be Trusted?
With so many online casinos operating on the international market today, it can be hard to take a chance and bring your money to one of them — we feel you. The thing is, Canada is treating its online gambling pretty seriously, so does the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and so does the SlotsUp team. So as long as you are choosing the Canadian casinos from our list — nothing bad is going to happen either with your money or your personal information.
📌  How to Know if a Casino is Regulated by Kahnawake Regulatory Authority?
The good sign for every player is to find a casino that clearly states all the related information on its website and is not hiding its Terms & Conditions somewhere in the deep web. The licensing information of every Kahnawake-licensed online casino should be stated on the bottom of website. If you can see it — you can always double-check it in the Commission database. If you can’t see it — you’d better find some other casino to make your bets in.
📌  How do I Submit a Complaint?
As we already mentioned, the operator’s responsibility is one of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission main principles. If you feel like something shady is going on in the casino, are suspecting a fraud or want to fill a complaint for some other reason — you can always do it on the commission’s website. All the players’ complaints are taken seriously and you can expect the fast reply and some actions taken.
📌  Are My Funds Safe at a Casino Regulated by Canadian Regulatory Authority?
Going back to Kahnawake Gaming Commission player protection principles once again — your funds are going to be as safe as it’s even possible as long as you are playing in the reliable Kahnawake casinos, better if they were double-checked by the SlotsUp team and picked out from our list. The license is not issued to the casinos that take their financial issues carelessly so no worries: if the casino managed to obtain the Kahnawake license — it will manage to take care of your money.
📌  Are Kahnawake Licenced Casinos Safe?
With all that has been said on this page, you can now make a conclusion that making real money bets in the online casinos by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is as safe as making ones in the casinos licensed by other international licensing institutions. As long as you are choosing the right casinos in the right place (it’s not like we are hinting at something but still), you can enjoy playing your favorite gambling games without any fears and worries.

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