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Gabon, or the Gabonese Republic, is the Central African country located just near Congo. Because of its rich oil reservoirs, Gabon is not only quite economically stable when compared with some other African countries but is also considered to be a very promising region that is quickly developing. Due to the same economic reasons, the Internet penetration in Gabon is much higher than you would expect from the country in this are — more than 45% of Gabonese players have the access to the Internet connection. Despite the availability of the Internet, online gambling Gabon is not that popular. More players prefer making bets in the land-based casinos and Gabon casino sites are not regulated in any way. For those who want to become one of the few people looking for the Gabonese online casino, the SlotsUp team has prepared the review of the online casino Gabon gambling. If you are interested in playing in the online casino Gabon for real money, please take a glance at our list of casino sites 2018 for Gabon players. Want to know more about the country’s gambling legislation — scroll down to the passage devoted to the legal aspects of playing in the best online casino Gabon. Interested in the games? We have some on SlotsUp, too.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Gabon

Online Casino Sites in Gabon

As there are no officially-licensed Gabonese casinos online due to the unregulated online gambling market, the gamblers are reluctant to look for the Gabon friendly online casinos located abroad. On the one hand, it’s more likely good news as the choice of international Gabon accepted online casinos is definitely much wider than it could be if only the local internet casinos in Gabon were available. On the other hand, it may be not that easy to navigate in all Gabon online casinos and find the top rated online casinos Gabon among the average ones. Obviously, there are industry leaders known to everyone who had played the Gabon casino games online at least once but there are also the smaller and less-known new Gabon online casinos that are also worth your attention but that you’d never find by your own in such an oversaturated market. Our main task is to find the best Gabon casinos online, check their reliability and add them to our list of the top 10 Gabon online casinos that is, by the way, regularly updated with the new places to play online casino games Gabon. There are several steps to be made before the Gabonese casino online can make it to the SlotsUp list of the top Gabonese online casinos. First of all, we look through all the casinos to brush off the ones that don’t even look good at first glance or seem to be not reliable enough. Secondly, we take our special checklist of the quality standards and start looking at every Gabon casino online in more details. The things we check in the XAF online casino are:

The license. We are sure you are coming to play online casino Gabon in order to have some fun and probably win some money in online slots Gabon but not to lose everything or get the worst gambling experience of your life. That’s why playing in the top 10 online casinos Gabon with the properly-made licenses is a must. The license of the best Gabonese casino online should be issued by the sustainable gaming authority and that’s the first thing to check (and the first thing WE check) when picking the best online casino for Gabonese players. Please don’t risk your time and money as the reliable and best paying online casino Gabon is already one click away from you.

The payments. Unless you are playing the Gabonese free slots, you’ll need to find a way to deposit money to the online casino in Gabon and to withdraw it in case the luck was on your side and you got some wins. We want the best casino online Gabon to provide players with internationally-available payment options such as VisaMasterCard cards, PayPal, and so on.

The bonuses. We also make sure that the Gabon best online casino will not be greedy and will award you with as many special offers as possible. Welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, refer-a-friend bonus, free spins — that’s not even the complete list of what you can get while playing in one of the Gabonese casino websites from the SlotsUp list.

As a final step, we divide all the casinos we have found and approved into several groups so that everyone can find a website according to their taste and needs. These are:

  • New casinos. For those who are not satisfied with betting in the same casino month by month and want to try something new from time to time. The new casinos are checked especially careful to avoid any pitfalls.
  • Mobile casinos. For those who prefer taking gambling games with them wherever they go. We provide the list of the mobile-friendly casinos (working in your mobile browser or having a separate downloadable app) and the mobile-friendly games that you can play using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Live casinos. For those who want to get the reality of offline-gambling while playing online. In the Gabonese live casinos, you’ll be able to watch the real dealers and chat to other players around the table as the gambling process is streamed via the camera right to your computer.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Gabon

Unlike many other African countries, the Gabonese gambling market is regulated, at least to some extent. Those interested in the safe online gambling Gabon will find useful the following information about the online gambling Gabon legislation, online gambling authority Gabon, and the online gambling industry Gabon in general. The answers to the popular questions concerning Gabonese online gambling laws were given after the thorough research of gambling online in Gabon.

Is land-based gambling allowed in Gabon?

Yet, it’s not only legally allowed but is widely available. The land-based gambling is regulated by the law called “Réglementation générale des jeux de hasard” that explains the process of getting the casino license and the taxation procedure. If you want to open a brick-and-mortar XAF casino, you’ll need to pay 4.5% of your income annually to the Gabon budget. As for now, there are three casinos located in Libreville, Gabon’s capital, and more can be built in the future.

Is online gambling allowed in Gabon?

Now it’s time to stop praising the regulated gambling market of Gabon as things don’t work this well with the Gabon online gambling. Currently, there are no online gambling laws Gabon and the gambling authority isn’t issuing the online gambling license Gabon. While there are three main gambling operators in the country (Casino Croisette, Pari Mutuel Urbaine Gabonaise, and Fortune’s Club) there are not providing any kind of online services and don’t consider opening their own legitimate online casinos Gabon players anytime soon. The positive side of not having an online gambling law in Gabon is that all the best online gambling sites from outside Gabon are available for the players. Due to the lack (or even absence, we’d say) of the Gabonese online casinos, the gamblers concentrate their attention of the international legal online casinos Gabon offering a wide range of gambling services and the highest quality.

What is the online gambling age Gabon?

There is no online casino Gabon that is legal in a full sense of the world so it’s impossible to know what is the official online gambling age in the country. Judging by the offline-gambling laws, the players can get involved in the online gambling Gabon legal as soon as they celebrate their 18s birthday.

As you can see, playing in the online casino real money Gabon is quite simple even though the country doesn’t provide its citizens with the licensed and reputable online casinos Gabon. To find the safe online casino Gabon and get the most from your real money games, just choose the one from the SlotsUp list of the best Gabonese online casinos.

History of Gambling in Gabon

Gabonese gambling market can’t boast with the eventful history as the first land-based XAF casinos have only appeared here about 50 years ago. For a long time, gambling in that brick-and-mortar premises was not regulated and the taxes weren’t really paid by the casinos to the government. In 2005, the first (and the only) gambling law Réglementation générale des jeux de hasard was approved to start the new era of the regulated gambling market. Unfortunately, it hasn’t affected the internet casino and the Gabon based online casinos have not appeared for the last years and don’t seem to appear in the years to come. Luckily, the local government didn’t introduce Gabon approved online casinos but hasn’t tried to ban the top online casinos for Gabonese players too so that everyone can make a bet in one of the online casinos accepting Gabon players which are a lot. As you remember, all the best online casinos for Gabonese are now collected at one place — in the SlotsUp casino list.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Gabon

So this was the SlotsUp complete guide to the Gabonese online gambling, its peculiarities, fun facts, and bottlenecks. To sum up, we can say that Gabon is one of the few African countries with the (somehow) regulated gambling market and quite a high level of the Internet penetration which create the favorable conditions for the new online casinos for Gabon players to appear. Even though the government doesn’t really think about the Gabon online casino sites and we probably can’t expect for the Gabon online casinos 2018 to appear this year, but it’s bound to see that gambling is a very popular branch of the country’s economy and its land-based casinos are even called the most interesting attractions of Gabon. Even though there are only 3 of them now, there are quite popular both among locals and the tourists who happened to come to Gabon. We also believe that Gabon players are ready for online casino live dealer experience. So, according to our bravest predictions, the time might come for Gabon to start regulating its online gambling market and diversify our list of the top 10 Gabonese online casinos with the best online casinos for Gabonese players licensed inside the country.

While we are waiting for this time to come, you can enjoy the whole variety of games and the most lucrative casino offers in any online casino XAF presented in the SlotsUp list. Playing in the international online casinos are not regulated in Gabon so there won’t be anyone to protect you in case something happens while playing in the unlicensed or just unreliable online casino. That’s why we recommend making the real money bets in the approved casinos only. Together with the detailed Gabon online casino reviews and the possibility to play mobile slots Gabon in one of top mobile casino sites, you can get the complete understanding of the Gabonese gambling, have a lot of fun and even get some winnings if the luck is on your side today. And if you are not in the mood for the winnings for some reason, you can always spin the reels for fun in one of many free classic and video slots available on SlotsUp.

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