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Fair to say, Dogecoin is not your average crypto token, so whenever you select a Dogecoin casino to play — you can expect something genuinely fun and special. In this article, we’ll get a glimpse of what’s different with Dogecoins and provide you with the extensive online casino list of the gambling houses that decided to put this coin among other payment methods. To recap, cryptocurrency is a digital decentralized peer-to-peer financial system, best appreciated for the ultimate capability of securing any payments made within. From the online casinos standpoint, sites that accept these currencies provide players with freedom of betting, regardless of the limitations local authorities may impose.

Coming from the US, Dogecoin contains all those beautiful real money possibilities adding up the factor of an extremely vibrant and fun community behind the token. It’s enough to say that the coin takes its name after a popular internet meme to realize that Dogecoin is one of a kind. There is a Dogecoin wallet developed especially for your mobile phone so you can take online gambling games with you literally wherever. Reading this article, you will find out why Dogecoin casinos are popular in Australia, how to deposit the coin or what is the trick with casino bonus offerings. And of course, the complete list of online Dogecoin casinos is there for you, so you could start playing right away!

Best Online Casinos that accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin Casinos for Real Money

Cryptocurrencies have reinvented the understanding of security while paying online, making traditional centralized financial institutions obsolete for many people across the globe. While the scope of cryptocurrency application can be controversial sometimes, those who use it for legal purposes won’t deny the benefits it provides. Ultimate transaction security and rapidness — all free of borders, have helped cryptocurrencies to make their way to online casinos as well, let the outstanding BTC online casino popularity to serve as a proof.

Well, online casinos that accept Dogecoin remain to be rather a niche as compared to those of Bitcoin. Such a position of Dogecoin casinos is explained primarily due to the uncertain coin status. Even though very technological, Dogecoin positions itself as a fun and social token in the first place. This cryptocurrency presents an okay performance but never breaks the headlines with skyrocketing growth or crazy value. It may also be true that there are significantly less online casinos that take Dogecoin seriously due to its strong connection with the Internet meme. Nevertheless, online casinos that accept Dogecoin provide their customers with all the cryptocurrency benefits. Dogecoin online casino deposit or withdrawal operations are a bit different from traditional methods but won’t cause any problems at all. You can learn more about deposits and withdrawals below.

How to Deposit at Dogecoin Casinos?

In fact, Dogecoin casinos deposit appears to be even faster than your traditional credit card payment method. It is so since during you make a Dogecoin deposit casino will not request any card details, send SMS verification codes or whatsoever. Only the very first Dogecoin casino transaction may take a while since you will need to set everything up. Don’t worry, we have already prepared a step-by-step plan of action for you:

  • Open the Dogecoin wallet. “MultiDoge” is the name for the local wallet you need to download for further interactions with online casinos accepting Dogecoin. It is available both in desktop (MacOS, Linux, Windows) or mobile (Android only) versions. After downloading, your wallet needs up to 5 minutes to synchronize with the network. As the wallet is synced, you will receive your Dogecoin address in the form of a long key and a QR code as well. MultiDoge allows not only to send coins but to request them as well.
  • Get some Dogecoins. There are quite a few ways to receive this token. Apart from mining, trading or simply exchanging you can get them for free from the faucets. Faucets are designed to introduce you to the currency so they won’t ask you for anything in exchange. The most popular way to get the coin, however, is to get “tipped” in local Dogecoin communities for the engaging content created or shared within these communities.
  • Hit the “Deposit” button in the online casino of your preference, select Dogecoin and receive the casino Dogecoin wallet address.
  • Input the volume of transaction and confirm the payment.

You’re all done — now it will take a while (up to one hour sometimes) to integrate into the blockchain and make its way to the destination. A friendly reminder on dealing with Dogecoin online casinos and cryptocurrencies altogether:

  1. Losing or forgetting the password to your wallet or its address is ultimate and impossible to recover. Just don’t do that.
  2. A tiny fraction of your online casino Dogecoin deposit will be deducted to compensate mining.
  3. Make all of your cryptocurrency transactions exclusively via the wallet. Transferring tokens directly from the exchange, for instance, does not guarantee the security from blocking a “gambling transaction”.

As can be seen above, Dogecoin transactions are beyond simple as long as you have the needed software. Excited? Learn what casinos accept Dogecoin in the US and Australia further in this article.

How to Withdraw from Dogecoin Casinos?

Dogecoin casino withdrawal is pretty much the same to deposits. Cryptocurrencies are appreciated by gamblers for their distinctive feature of being a single solution both for deposits and withdrawal in the same online casino which is far not always the case with other payment methods. Whenever you come across a casino with Dogecoin withdrawal you know it will be fast and simple.

Even though most of the online casinos running on this token claim for instant outgoing transactions, Dogecoin withdrawal time may extend up to one hour for the same reason as of deposit.

Advantages of Using Dogecoin as Deposit Methods

It can’t be denied that placing deposits at Dogecoin casino sites brings a lot of benefits to the table. To name a few:

  • Superior security and anonymity of gambling transactions;
  • No-hassle deposit process;
  • Top Dogecoin casinos use the coin as a single solution both for deposits and withdrawals.

To enjoy these to the fullest, bear in mind that far not all of the online casinos accepting Dogecoin for deposits may be totally reliable as this niche is rather not explored properly yet. Do your best while selecting the fine gambling site to play or just consult the list we have prepared for you!

Dogecoin Casinos by Countries

Dogecoin Casinos in the US

For the cryptocurrency-based online casino USA is a perfect market. Why, knowing that online casinos are legal at some selected states (e.g. Nevada, New Jersey) it seems there is no need for anonymity. The legislation changed everything in 2006, prohibiting financial institutions to process any sorts of gambling transactions. Since tokens allow to bypass this limitation like peanuts, you can guess the top bitcoin casinos made a lot of money on that.

To catch up with this trend, a lot of casinos began to support crypto and the US online casinos that accept DOGE started to emerge as well. For the time being, we wouldn’t call the US Dogecoin gambling market huge but the potential for growth is there. In a nutshell, the purpose of creating Dogecoin was to appeal to the cryptocurrency target audience – young Millennials and Gen Z’s who love fun and entertainment. Therefore, the very concept of DOGE online casino in the United States is natural to the coin users. We can definitely expect the positive correlation between the growth of Dogecoin market and gamblers inflow to such online casinos. Knowing that the capacity of producing this token is limitless, it’s left to say that the high time of Dogecoin online casinos USA is yet to come.

Dogecoin Casinos in Australia

As local authorities toughen the regulation applied to foreign online casinos, cryptocurrencies become more relevant in this area than ever before, so does Australia Dogecoin gambling. Well, you can always refer to Australian online casinos that accept Paysafe which we have listed out earlier on our site, but sometimes local gambling houses just can’t provide with the benefits of world-class casinos from the outside. All of the best online casinos Australia be it local or foreign, are actively adding crypto coins as another payment option, especially after cryptocurrency usage has become more favorable in the country recently.

Like anywhere else, Australian online casinos that accept Dogecoins are definitely not a mainstream crypto casino category. Yet, Dogecoin online casinos Australia are definitely attractive for local punters in terms of security, ease of use, and extra access to the overseas gambling platforms, especially to those coming from the US. If it sounds like something you were looking for, we’re happy to introduce you the extensive selection of sites where you will find the perfect DOGE online casino Australia. Every online gambling house from the list is deeply analyzed by the SlotsUp specialists and approved to be reliable and extremely entertaining.

Dogecoin Casino Types

As the online gambling industry is thriving, we as players are constantly treated with various enhancements to our gambling experience. Not only we have a chance to change a couple of casinos per day but we are now empowered to bring our games whatever places we want, just bearing them in our pockets. Below, we discuss the most prominent trends on the Dogecoin online casino market today.

Mobile Casinos That Accept Dogecoin

Smartphones have become the main channel for communication, education, and entertainment. Whenever you create something today, you have to care a lot about how it looks on the screen of your phone. If it looks bad — it won’t sell. Online casino operators seem to adopt this rule, massively launching mobile platforms and the extensive mobile casino list in front of you is the pure evidence for that.

You will not have a problem finding a mobile casino with Dogecoin payment method – take a look at our selection or do the research on your own, there is plenty of them around. A considerable limitation to any mobile casino accepting DOGE worth to be mentioned, however. In order to place a Dogecoin deposit at the mobile casino of your preference, a MultiDoge wallet must be installed on your phone, supported exclusively through Android OS. Yes, as for today, only those owners of Android gadgets can enjoy the full usability and convenience of the service while playing at DOGE mobile casino. We hope that the iOS and Windows Phone support is there to come in due course.

For the rest, DOGE casino mobile is full freedom of movement. Using the app, it is possible to place a mobile casino Dogecoin deposit even on the go. You can take your games literally wherever with you, just take care of the internet connection quality for the best casino mobile Dogecoin experience. Find your perfect gaming venue at our mobile casino Dogecoin directory!

Live Casinos that Accept Dogecoin

Analyzing online gambling trends of the last year, we can assume that the live casinos are here to last. Blending a regular online gambling experience with the sense of presence in the real hall through broadcasting real people shuffling cards turned out to be crazy effective. The overwhelming popularity of online casinos that stream live dealers presents no evidence of decline and the best live casinos online are adopting cryptocurrencies at a great pace. If you’ve reached this part already, you must be quite interested in trying out an online live casino Dogecoin and we have done all the tough job on seeking and filtering out the most reliable and interesting options for you already. Before you dive deep into the gambling process, let us share some live casino Dogecoin tips.

Whenever you come across live casinos with Dogecoin casino deposit, planning is a great idea. You see, crypto transactions may sometimes take up to one hour to be processed as they need to integrate into the blockchain. Make sure to top-up your account in advance if you don’t want to miss any of the live action.

In case you’ve got an idea of bringing the live casino experience to your mobile phone, note that it’s quite hefty in terms of data transfer so it would be best to find the fine Wi-fi hotspot so you won’t spoil the session because of the poor cellular data connection.

New Casinos That Accept Dogecoin

One major advantage of online gambling is that it keeps players engaged and excited by constantly offering the new online casino websites every now and then. Compared to inland casinos, punters are empowered to effortlessly switch between a couple different casinos daily, getting another hit of dopamine every time, since trying out new things is always a thrill. Well, almost effortlessly. Seeking for a worthy gambling venue may be quite a challenge nowadays, especially in the market as slightly explored as new Dogecoin online casinos are. If you are following our blog, most probably you recognize these four major characteristics of a reliable online casino:

  • Eligible licensing (Malta, the UK, Antigua, and Barbuda or alike) with a serial code provided;
  • Impressive arsenal of games developed by the leading industry providers (e.g. NetEnt);
  • Thorough customer support (24/7 is a must) with an adjustable interface in terms of languages and currencies;
  • Easy to access crystal clear bonus Terms & Conditions.

So, there are a few factors to consider when doing such research — generally, this procedure is and honestly not so much fun. If you don’t feel like investing much time on that today, you can always consult our carefully assembled list which is constantly updated with the new DOGE casino positions. Our specialists guarantee the reliability and quality of every new entry to the list. Look out for your new casino sites of 2020 that accept Dogecoin on the top of the list and enjoy the game!

Dogecoin Casino Bonuses

We are more than sure that you as a player is constantly offered a large variety of attractive casino bonuses on a daily basis and Dogecoin casino bonus propositions are not an exception for that matter. Whenever you feel real temptation to benefit from this or that online casino bonus, it speaks for a certain casino doing a great job in designing it. Always remember that the ultimate goal of every bonus is to attract new players to the gambling house and it’s a marketing tool firsthand. So, before you go crazy about the next online casino Dogecoin bonus let’s recap the basic bonus characteristics and limitations. The most common bonus types are presented below:

  • Deposit bonus. This is a sum of money presented to the new online casino customer who completes the very first real money deposit. Since “the very first” can happen only once, casinos are rich to provide the sky-high bonus rates going 200% and beyond. To illustrate the mechanism of the deposit bonus, suppose you have deposited 50K Dogecoins claiming for the welcome bonus of 200%. As a result, you receive 150K Dogecoins on your account. Impressive, huh?
  • No-deposit bonus. As understood from the title, this type of bonus will not require any money inputs from the player’s side. As a rule, such bonuses are rewarded on a somewhat random basis through organizing lotteries or some special occasions. The special no-deposits can be designed to celebrate important milestones (e.g. online casino’s birthday) as well. The bonus itself may not always appear in the form of money — free spins/rolls bonus offerings are likely to occur as well.
  • Referral bonus. The bonus provides with benefits those players who bring new clients to the online casino. Such an offer becomes active upon the referred friend of yours has registered in the system and made a deposit.

When it comes to bonus limitations, never underestimate the significance of the wagering requirement. It is imposed on bonuses in 99% of casinos, including Dogecoin ones, and it’s okay. Nevertheless, cheesy casinos are likely to set up, say, 20x wagering requirements which mean you need to comprise a total betting pool 20 times larger than a bonus you have just got, in order to be able to withdraw anything. Now imagine you have received a 250K Dogecoins bonus… With that said, we emphasize the importance of checking bonus T&C in advance, in order not to spoil that blissful bonus excitement. Good luck!

Dogecoin Casino FAQ

📌  Are Dogecoin Casinos Safe to Play?
Definitely yes. Despite having a rather fun history of the foundation, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with all the outcoming benefits, namely encryption and ultimate security. Dogecoin operates on a pretty much the same basis as the world-renowned Litecoin, therefore you can be sure it is anonymous, decentralized and completely safe.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept Dogecoin?
Dogecoin is a rather niche means for conducting casino payments. Even leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are only making their way to become common in online casinos. Take a look at our hand-picked list of the best Dogecoin-powered gambling sites.
📌  What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Dogecoin?
There is no limit to Dogecoin transaction volumes. Still, mind that such a limit is likely to be imposed by the casino of your preference. Since deposit limitations are casino-specific, try to check for the lower limit requirement every time you hit up a new gambling site.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Dogecoin?
There is no limit to Dogecoin transaction volumes. Still, mind that such a limit is likely to be imposed by the casino of your preference. Since deposit limitations are casino-specific, try to check for the upper limit requirement every time you hit up a new gambling site.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
Yes. Like with any other cryptocurrency, an insignificantly small sum of money is to be written off for the sake of mining during each transaction.
📌  Are Dogecoin Deposits Instant?
Dogecoin transaction may take up to one hour to occur since every entry should be integrated into the blockchain first. It’s a common practice for any cryptocurrency out there.
📌  Are Dogecoin Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Yes, Dogecoin is not bounded by politics or geography, since this is an anonymous and decentralized currency. In fact, the challenge is to find the right casino supporting Dogecoin instead. Even though built on the base of Litecoin, the number of casinos running on this currency is incomparably small to the Litecoin online casino network.
📌  Can I Use Dogecoin in Mobile Casinos?
Yes, the mobile transaction can be made via the wallet available for downloading. As for now, Dogecoin wallet is designed for Android gadgets only.

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