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This time, we are going to talk about the online casinos licensed in Denmark and the Danish Gambling Authority. You may think it’s something useless and out of your preferences, but in fact, knowing how the gambling websites are regulated and how to distinguish the licensed online casinos from the illegal ones will definitely help you save your nerves and money. Most gamblers don’t even think of how the licensing procedure is carried out, and it’s okay. However, with all this information in mind, you will definitely know how to find the most reputed and reliable online casinos on the web.

In this article, we will tell you how the Danish Gambling Authority works and how it decides whether to give a license to an operator or not. We will also show you which types of licenses can be issued to the Danish gambling portals and what the differences are between these licenses. The basic principles of work of the Danish Gambling Authority are also mentioned in this article. Besides, you will find the answers to the questions that many players are looking for now.

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Danish Gambling Authority Framework

All gambling activities, as well as gambling providers, should be regulated and controlled by the competent authority, either local or international. When it comes to the Denmark online gambling jurisdiction, it differs much from the jurisdictions of other countries. That’s why online gambling is strictly regulated by the Danish local gambling commission. Now, let’s take a closer look at this regulator and see the requirements for the online casinos that wish to apply for the Danish license.

How does the Commission work?

On January 1, the Danish Gaming Act entered into force. According to it, all the online gambling activities are considered to be legal in Denmark, but only if they are conducted by the Danish casino license holders. The Danish Gambling Authority is an official regulatory body that operates under the Danish Ministry of Taxation and is in charge of issuing these licenses and ensuring safe gambling for everyone in the country.

Some of the main tasks of the Danish Gambling Authority include:

  • Administration of land-based and online gambling legislation.
  • Regulating all existing and authorizing new gambling forms.
  • Establishing the requirements for the operators that want to apply for the Danish license.
  • Supervision and regular inspection of the online casinos licensed and regulated in Denmark, be it a local or foreign company.
  • Monitoring the current tendencies of the gambling market.
  • Cooperating with other respectable gambling authorities to prevent the growth of illegal gambling.
  • Reviewing the current Danish online gambling license holders.
  • Preparing annual reports.
  • Ensuring fair and responsible gambling in Denmark.
  • Looking for new ways of reducing the impact of gambling on society.
  • Blocking illegal gambling websites.
  • Providing advisory services, etc.

Application Requirements & Compliance Highlights

Of course, it’s not that easy to get permission to provide gambling activities to players. The one who wants to get it should prove that it will always be running the gambling activities fairly and responsibly. That’s why there are a lot of different requirements for the operators applying for the Gambling License from Spillemyndigheden Authority. Each requirement is like a small test. Only after passing all the tests, the gambling operator is allowed to provide and advertise its gambling services.

So, what are the requirements for the applicants? First of all, the operators should submit the application with all the necessary information about the company and pay the application fees. After that, they should fulfill various technical requirements, including making clear casino Terms and Conditions, including the minimum gambling age (18 years) into the T&C, implementing proper customer verification procedure, implementing the self-limitation procedure, ensuring all the data protection technologies and security measures are working correctly, proving the randomness of the Random Number Generator used to form the outcomes in the games of chance, implementing fair deposit and withdrawal policies, allowing players to submit complaints, and many other things.

One more interesting fact for you – the Danish Gambling Authority cannot conduct all the tests itself. That’s why most technical tests are being performed by the accredited testing agencies the Danish Authority cooperates with.

Types of Licences Issued by the Danish Gambling Authority

There are no standard classifications of licenses for all gambling commissions. Each regulatory body on its own decides which licenses it will be giving out to the gambling operators. There may be different licenses that can be distinguished by licensing objects, duration, requirements, etc. However, the Danish Gambling Authority decided to make it easier. They just have separate licenses for each type of gambling. For example, they have licenses for those operators who provide online casino activities, land-based casino activities, online betting, slot machines, and poker. Since we are talking about online gambling licenses in Denmark, let’s take a closer look at the online casino and online betting licenses.

Online Casino License

Each online casino operator should apply for the Online Casino license in case it wishes to enter the Danish gambling market. No matter which types of casino games are offered in the casino, slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, bingo, or keno, the Online Casino license should be received in any case. Even if it’s a slots-only or bingo-only gambling website, the same rules and requirements as for the full-fledged online casinos will be applied. The Online Casino license also includes different games that combine both skill and chance (backgammon, whist, etc.). All in all, the Online Casino license is what all the gambling websites are looking for.

Online Betting License

As it is stated on the official website of the Danish Gaming Authority, the Online Betting license regulates the games in which players guess the outcome of certain events. These licenses should be obtained by each sportsbook operator which offers different sports betting options, including soccer betting, horse racing options, baseball betting, and others. There are also many online casinos that offer some sports betting options. In this case, the operators should apply for both, the Online Casino and Online Betting licenses.

Both licenses are valid for 5 years and can be extended after their expiration. What is also interesting, both licenses have limited versions, meaning they may be limited by earnings. Once the limit is reached, the operator should apply for the license again.

Danish Gambling Authority Reputation & Players Protection

The Danish Gaming Authority is responsible for making the Danish gambling market well-regulated and protecting players from illegal gambling. Thus, the Commission relies on several basic principles, which include players’ protection, funds protection, fair gaming, and fulfilling the obligations.

Players Protection

Regardless of the casino type, country, or player’s experience, each gambler should be properly protected while playing in an online casino. Speaking of the online casinos regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority, they are using all the necessary measures to reduce the negative impact of gambling on players. First of all, they all have implemented the verifying process, which holds back people who are under 18 years from being involved in online gambling. Gambling addiction is another significant problem in the gaming world. There are a couple of anti-addiction measures that should be implemented by all online casinos with Spillemyndigheden License, including self-limitation options, as well as deposit and withdrawal limitations. It’s pretty obvious that fair online casinos shouldn’t encourage players to spend all their financial resources on gambling.

Fair Gaming

Ensuring fair gaming for all Danish players is the first priority task for the Danish Gaming Authority. There are many ways the commission tests the fairness of the applicants, but the main of them is testing the randomness of the Random Number Generator technology. First of all, the RNG used in the casino should be certified by one of the competent testing agencies. It proves that RNG works correctly and is not being influenced by the casino developers. There are many other test cases that are applied to each RNG. So, you can be absolutely sure that all the casinos with Danish Gambling Authority license conduct the gambling activities fairly and responsibly.

Funds Protection

Funds protection is one of the issues most gamblers are worried about before making their first deposits. Each player should be sure that his funds won’t be stolen by the casino or other cyber-criminals. That’s why the Danish Gambling Authority makes sure each applicant uses all the necessary data protection technologies and allows making financial transactions fairly. For example, all the best casinos with Danish Gambling Authority License are using the latest version of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital encryption technology. It may sound too difficult, but in fact, it’s a smart technology that turns all the information players send to the casino into special symbols (combinations of numbers) so that no one can use this information for his own purposes.

Operator Responsibilities

After obtaining a Danish license, online gambling operators still have a lot of work to do. First of all, they should properly adhere to the Danish jurisdiction and online gambling legislation in particular. They also have an obligation to notify the Danish Gaming Authority about the changes in games or about adding new games which affect how the operator utilizes the standard records of the Danish commission. Besides, the Danish Authority must be notified about each error that occurs in the games offered by the licensed Denmark Online Casinos. Of course, the license holder is also obligated to provide the Authority with information related to new game suppliers, new technical systems, new physical locations, etc.

Danish Gambling Authority FAQ

📌  Are Denmark Regulated Online Casinos Can Be Trusted?
All gambling experts know that the Danish gambling market is strictly regulated, and the casinos licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority are considered to be the most trusted and safest ones in entire Europe. The local gambling commission has done tremendous work in the last couple of years in order to reduce the number of illegal and unauthorized gambling websites that operate on the market. As a result, around 20 online casinos were blocked by internet providers in 2018. So, you can be absolutely sure that all Denmark regulated online casinos are safe and secure.
📌  How to Know if a Casino is Regulated by Spillemyndigheden?
The easiest way to see whether an online casino holds a Danish casino license or not is to look for the official Danish Gambling Authority’s label at the bottom of the casino’s website. However, you should also check whether the label is clickable and redirects you to the official website of the gambling commission. Another way to see the full list of casinos regulated by The Danish Gambling Authority is to visit the regulator’s website and go straight to the “Gambling Operators with a License” page. You will see there not only all the Danish Gambling Authority casinos but also which licenses they hold and which domains they use.
📌  How do I Submit a Complaint?
There are several ways you can submit a complaint to the Danish Gambling Authority. The first and easiest way is to use the online contact form. Don’t forget to fill it up with all the necessary information, including your personal data, your contacts, the body of the complaint, the domain of the gambling website that is a suspect in illegal gambling, and the evidence of illegal gambling. You can also get in touch with the Danish Gambling Authority by making a phone call. All the contacts are listed on the official website of the authority. Alternatively, you can send a paper complaint using the post office.
📌  Are My Funds Safe at a Casino Regulated by Danish Gambling Authority?
Without any doubt, all your funds are safe at the casino sites that are licensed in Denmark by the local authority. Before issuing a license to the gambling website, the Danish Gambling Authority thoroughly checks whether the casino uses all the required data protection technologies and other technical systems that ensure the safety of players' financial resources. As a rule, the casinos licensed by Spillemyndigheden are using the advanced SSL digital encryption technology, which encodes all your sensitive data, making it unavailable for the third-parties. Also, the Danish authority regularly checks whether these data protection technologies are being always used by the license holders.
📌  Are Spillemyndigheden Licensed Casinos Safe?
As we have already mentioned, the Danish Gambling Authority is thoroughly checking and testing each gambling portal before issuing a license to it. There are many technical, legal, financial, and other requirements for applicants to be met. So, if an online casino has managed to get the Danish license, it means that it’s fair and safe enough to enter the Danish market which is known for being strictly regulated.

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