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By choosing Bitcoin casino players all around the world can move to a new level in making their online gambling transactions. Many experts say that Bitcoin can soon replace the traditional credit card system. Therefore, some of the best online gambling sites have started to accept this cryptocurrency as a viable method for making deposits and withdrawals.

If compared with traditional online payment methods, Bitcoin offers casino players unprecedented advantages to fund their betting accounts such as anonymity, practically no fees and almost instant transactions.

We will provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to make an online gambling deposit with Bitcoin and withdraw your winnings. Our gambling experts have prepared a list of the best sites that accept Bitcoin for making online payments. We have selected only the top online gambling platforms which accept Bitcoin for casino players from such countries as Canada, the US and Australia and New Zealand. At each Bitcoin online casino that we recommend you to try out you will be able to find rich bonus offerings, high quality games and friendly customer support.

We will also show you how Bitcoin can be used at mobile and live dealer casino platforms. You will learn what criteria are important to keep in mind when selecting new online casinos that accept Bitcoin among their online payment methods. Of course, no one can deny that Bitcoin has been quite volatile in recent years and, besides that, its future remains uncertain as far as most of the countries in the world have not yet regulated cryptocurrencies in a favorable way.

But, if you like, when playing at online casinos that accept this cryptocurrency among their payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals you can easily exchange Bitcoin into real money straight after you hit another jackpot.

Best Online Casinos that accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin Casinos for Real Money

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are getting a lot of attention today by promising to revolutionize the very essence of money and the way we make our online payments. Basically they make any centralized financial systems such as banks with all their controls and restrictions redundant, enable one to make almost instant online payments and require only insignificant fees for processing your transactions on the internet.

All these features perfectly satisfy the needs of online casino players all around the world. There is no wonder then that the number of online casinos that accept Bitcoin is constantly increasing.

In the countries where financial institutions are officially prohibited from knowingly process online gambling transactions, Bitcoin casinos offer local punters the way to freely make their deposits and withdraw winnings. At online casinos that accept Bitcoin you do not have to wait for hours or days till your money transfer will be processed. Your online casino transaction, be it a deposit or withdrawal, is confirmed straight after it becomes immutable by being added to the Bitcoin blockchain, which is nothing more than a cryptographically protected virtual ledger.

Since there are no banks involved with all their office and employee costs, there are practically no fees charged for your gambling transactions at online casinos that take Bitcoin. The only fee you have to pay is a small amount of money to cover the expenses related to the mining which is a computing-intensive process to cryptographically protect the Bitcoin blockchain from any possible intrusions.

To sum up, if cryptocurrencies are here to stay, Bitcoin online casino platforms might become a predominantly popular place for playing the games of chance in the future. However, since Bitcoin is not yet legally regulated in many countries of the world, we are still in our early days of BTC online casino gambling.

How to Deposit at Bitcoin Casinos?

At Bitcoin casinos deposit transactions can be made in a surprisingly easy way. When you make a Bitcoin deposit casino provider will not ask you to pass any registration procedures or provide your credit card number in order to be able to make online transactions as is the case with all traditional payment methods. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open a Bitcoin wallet from which you will make your deposits and to which online casinos will send you your winnings. Your Bitcoin casino can open one for you so that you will be provided with private keys and a public address. You should do your best to keep your private keys secret since one who knows them can make any transaction from your wallet. Your public address is necessary for those who wants to send you Bitcoins;
  • Get some Bitcoins. You can either buy them at an exchange or receive them as a present from your friend;
  • Start to make the actual transaction by pressing the “Deposit” button at the cashier page of your online casino provider;
  • You will get the public address of the Bitcoin wallet belonging to your gambling provider as a long line of characters or a QR code. You can either insert the QR code if the device you are using has a camera or copy and paste the public address to your you Bitcoin wallet;
  • Indicate the sum of money you want to transfer and confirm your online transaction.

In an online casino Bitcoin deposit transaction will usually take you some time (from few minutes up to an hour) to be added to the blockchain and become valid in that way.

When playing at Bitcoin online casinos you will not be charged virtually any fees. Only a small part of your money will be deducted to cover the mining costs. As we have already said, at an online casino Bitcoin deposit transactions are done in an anonymous way so that you do not have to worry about identity theft.

An important thing to remember when using cryptocurrencies for making gambling transactions is not to transfer Bitcoins directly from the exchange to the online casino public address. You should always transfer them to your Bitcoin wallet first. There have been the cases when exchanges simply blocked their clients’ accounts after detecting online gambling transactions.

As you can see, at online casinos accepting Bitcoin deposits can be made in a very easy and reliable way provided you strictly follow the steps mentioned above. In later sections we will tell you more about what casinos accept Bitcoin in different countries of the world.

How to Withdraw from Bitcoin Casinos?

In a Bitcoin casino withdrawal is as possible as making online deposits. It is a big advantage since rarely one can both withdraw and deposit money at online casinos with the same payment method. In an online casino with Bitcoin withdrawal option you simply have to choose this cryptocurrency among the payment methods available for withdrawing your money.

With Bitcoin withdrawal time can be almost instant so that you will only have to wait up to one hour till your transaction will be added to the blockchain. However, in some Bitcoin online casinos it can take several days to make a withdrawal since out of safety reasons this type of gambling transaction can be done manually.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin as Deposit Methods

As you might have already guessed, there are plenty of advantages when playing at Bitcoin casino sites. Below, we have gathered them for you:

  • With Bitcoin you can easily make online gambling transactions in those countries where financial institutions are prohibited from processing casino money transfers;
  • Virtual money are anonymous in their nature and no private information can possibly be disclosed to third parties when using them;
  • Transactions made with Bitcoin are almost instant. You only have to wait till your online transaction will be confirmed by being added to the blockchain which typically takes up to one hour;
  • At online casinos accepting Bitcoin for deposits you do not have to pay any big fees. Some small amount of virtual money will only be charged for mining purposes;
  • At the top Bitcoin casinos you can make both deposit and withdrawals with one and the same online payment method;
  • In most countries of the world Bitcoins are not subject to taxation.

Among the main disadvantages of using Bitcoins for making online casino transactions one can name the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Besides that, not all new Bitcoin online gambling venues have obtained proper licenses so that one should closely follow the expert advice when looking for a casino website that accepts this innovative way of making transactions on the internet.

Bitcoin Casinos by Countries

Bitcoin Casinos in the US

In the US online casino games are very popular with literally hundreds of billions dollars wagered every year. Although online casinos can legally operate only in several states, including Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, local web punters have access to many high quality international gambling platforms.

The only problem is that according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 financial institutions in the US are prohibited from processing any online casino transactions. This is where such innovative ways for transferring money as Bitcoin come in. Given its anonymity and convenience there is no wonder that in the US Bitcoin gambling is on the rise.

In the same time cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular are not strictly regulated in the US so that different financial authorities are defining what they are in different ways. However, it must be said that Bitcoin online exchanges are completely legal in this country. Consequently, one should not worry that at Bitcoin casinos USA based online gamblers will not be able to convert their virtual winnings into a fiat currency.

If you have made your mind over making a deposit at some of the best US online casinos that accept BTC, check the list above.

In each of these BTC online casino United States based online gamblers can enjoy high quality games without having to worry about the safety related issues.

Apart from Bitcoin, the US based online gamblers can also use other payment methods. Check, for instance, our list of American Express casino venues where a traditional online payment method is being offered to visitors from the US.

Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

There are several government-run online casinos Canada based gamblers can play at, as well as may international web gambling platforms which welcome visitors from this country. However, one needs to use an effective online payment method for making seamless transactions with offshore online casinos. At Bitcoin online casinos Canada based web punters can get exactly this.

Although federal financial authorities in Canada are skeptical about the future of Bitcoin, it is completely legal to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in this country. Therefore, in Canada Bitcoin gambling is steadily gaining popularity among local online gamblers.

If you are ready to start making deposits at Canadian online casinos that accept BTC, scroll up to the list of the best gambling platforms in this niche.

At each of these BTC online casino Canada based web gamblers can pick from a wide variety of high quality games developed by the top software companies in the sector and choose some attractive bonuses. Besides that, our experts have checked the licenses of all the mentioned Bitcoin online casinos so that you should not worry about any safety related issues when playing at these top gambling platforms for Canadian players.

Apart from Bitcoin, there certainly are some traditional online payment methods available to the web gamblers from Canada. Check our list of Interac casino platforms where a Canadian online payment system can be used for making gambling transactions.

Bitcoin Casinos in Australia

Although local authorities have recently adopted tougher regulations in regards to international online casinos that accept gamblers from Australia, internet gambling still remains popular in this country. However, local web punters need to use efficient payment methods to make their gambling transactions at Australia online casino platforms.

Since Australian government has recently adopted a favorable regulation on cryptocurrencies, in Australia Bitcoin gambling is on the rise. At a BTC online casino Australia based web gamblers can make anonymous online transactions almost instantly without having to pay big fees.

If you are going to make deposits at Australian online casinos that accept bitcoins, check the list of gambling platforms above that our experts have prepared for you.

At all of these Bitcoin online casinos Australia based gamblers can enjoy high quality games without having to worry about the safety related issues. Our online gambling experts have checked that their licenses had been obtained at such respectable jurisdictions as Malta and the UK.

Apart from Bitcoin, there certainly are some other online payment methods which Australian gamblers can use to make their transactions at international gambling platforms. In our list of Neosurf casino sites you will be able to find online gambling providers that accept a convenient prepaid card system.

Bitcoin Casinos in New Zealand

Web punters can freely play at New Zealand casino online venues since internet gambling is not officially prohibited for local citizens. Therefore, online players from New Zealand have a wide choice of gambling platforms to pick from.

Bitcoin provides one of the most efficient way for local online gamblers to make gambling transactions on the internet. As a result, at Bitcoin online casinos New Zealand based players can make deposits and withdraw their winnings in a fast and cheap way. Since Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, they do not have to worry that someone will learn about their online gambling activities.

It must be said that Bitcoin transactions can legally be done in New Zealand. Cryptocurrencies are even subject to official taxation in this country. Therefore, in New Zealand Bitcoin gambling can be done without much difficulty and you can freely exchange your virtual money into fiat currencies.

If you already have decided to make a deposit at one of the top NZ online casinos that accept bitcoins, then pick yourself a gambling platform from the list above.

At each of these BTC online casino New Zealand based gamblers are offered rich bonuses and high quality games developed by the best software companies in the sector.

Apart from Bitcoin, New Zealanders have also access to other more traditional online payment methods for making their transactions at international gambling websites. At our list of Paysafecard casinos you will find some of the top gambling platforms that offer their visitors a convenient prepaid card system for instantly making deposits.

Bitcoin Casino Types

Mobile Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

You can use bitcoin to make your deposits not only at regular online gambling platforms. At mobile phone online casinos bitcoin is also accepted as a viable payment method for making deposits and withdrawals.

Not only will one be able to make fast and anonymous deposits in a mobile casino with Bitcoin but the range of games as well as their quality will be the same as at regular online casinos that accept this cryptocurrency for making gambling transactions.

At a mobile casino Bitcoin deposit can be done in the same simple way as at the desktop computer. If you want to make your gambling transactions directly from your smartphone to your gambling account at the casino mobile Bitcoin wallet should be used. If you are ready to make a deposit at a mobile casino accepting BTC, we recommend you to check the list of gambling platforms once again.

In each of these BTC mobile casino houses one can get a seamless gambling experience. Our gambling experts have checked their licenses so that you can be completely sure that no safety related issues will arise when you play at these BTC casino mobile platforms.

Keep in mind that if you decide to make a Bitcoin deposit mobile casino operator can even award you with a special bonus for choosing this innovative payment method. As you now can see, when playing at a mobile casino Bitcoin can easily be used as an effective online payment method.

Live Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

Live dealer casino websites are becoming very popular among the online gamblers in different countries of the world. When playing at an online live casino Bitcoin is one of the best ways for making gambling transactions, especially in those countries where web gambling is not regulated or prohibited. If you are thinking about playing at live casinos with Bitcoin casino deposits check the list that we have prepared for you.

At each of these live casino Bitcoin is accepted as a viable way for making gambling transactions, enabling one to easily deposit and withdraw digital money. Besides that, since our gambling experts have checked the licenses of these BTC live casinos you should not have to worry about the safety related issues when playing at them.

It must be said that at live casinos the choice of available casino games is much smaller than at regular online gambling platforms. It is simply explained by the fact that one needs to employ more dealers to introduce new games. Therefore, it is a characteristic feature of all live dealer casinos in general and not only of those of them which accept Bitcoin as their online payment option.

It must also be said that when you plan to play at BTC live dealer casinos from your smartphone you should keep in mind that technical problems related to internet connection can arise if you do not have a wide enough bandwidth to support a steady audio and video streaming from the studio. Therefore, we recommend our readers to use the WiFi connection if they want to play at Bitcoin live dealer casinos in a seamless way.

New Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

Brand best new casino websites are regularly being launched on the internet. Since online gambling is a highly competitive sector one needs to offer some special features to attract visitors to a newly established online gambling platform. These are usually some rich welcome bonuses or a wide range of high quality casino games.

However, cryptocurrencies are also quite often being offered at newly launched online casinos as an effective alternative to other online payment methods to attract visitors. Consequently, at a new casino Bitcoin can often be found as an effective new way for making gambling transactions.

When looking for a new BTC casino to play at you should keep in mind many criteria that usually are being used to evaluate the quality of an online gambling platform:

  • Licenses are the most important thing to check. A new online casino that accepts Bitcoin may not yet have a proven record of providing high quality services without cheating its customers. Therefore, it is very important for it to have been licensed at some respectable gambling jurisdiction, including the UK or Malta;
  • Game graphics is another reliable indicator that you are dealing with a high quality new online casino. All the top online gambling platforms that accept Bitcoin as a rule use software form the best development companies in the sector, including Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech;
  • Customer support should be available 24/7 and you should be able to communicate in a language that you are comfortable with. Cryptocurrencies are a new means for making online transactions and it is natural that some problems may arise when you are waiting too long for your transaction to be added to the blockchain or you experience some problems with converting bitcoin into some conventional currency;
  • Welcome bonuses may have some wagering requirements behind them so that it is very important to read their terms and conditions before claiming any promo offering at a new Bitcoin online casino.

It is also worth noting that apart from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, new online casinos may also offer some other technological innovations. Virtual reality is soon going to change the way we gamble online. That is why we recommend our readers to check the VR games whenever they see them being offered at new online casinos that accept Bitcoin. To sum up, there are some sound reasons to look for new Bitcoin online casinos on the internet, since one can find rich bonuses and other attractive features there.

In the next section we will talk about how important it is to read the terms and conditions of a bonus that is being offered at a Bitcoin online casino before claiming it.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

At a Bitcoin casino bonus offerings are as rule being promoted to attract new online players. They are usually a part of a welcome package. There are several types of such bonuses which we will discuss below. Besides that, since no Bitcoin online casino will give you its money for free, there are almost always some sort of wagering requirements behind each attractively looking bonus which impose significant limitations on your gambling experience.

Among the welcome bonuses which are offered at Bitcoin online casinos the most popular are:

  • Deposit match bonuses whose size depends on the amount of virtual money that you deposit to your online casino account. If, for example, you claim a 100% deposit match bonus up to 10 mBTC, it means the sum of your deposit will be doubled if it equals or is less than 10 mBTC. If, however, you deposit a bigger amount of money than indicated you will only receive 10 mBTC for free;
  • No deposit bonuses are especially popular among online gamblers since in order to get one you do not even have to make any deposits. All you need to do when you see that a no deposit bonus is being offered at a Bitcoin online casino is to sign up for this gambling platform.

As we have already mentioned, at an online casino Bitcoin bonus can be offered by the gambling providers for simply choosing this innovative method for making virtual money transactions on the internet.

As we have already mentioned above, the importance of reading the bonus terms and conditions cannot be overestimated. Almost certainly there are some kind of restrictions being imposed on the way in which you can use the free virtual money or spins that the Bitcoin online casino has awarded you with.

The following are the different types of limitations that are most often encountered at online casino that accept Bitcoin:

  • Wagering requirements deserve special attention on your part. This type of bonus limitations is most often to be found at online casinos that accept Bitcoin. If, for example, you see that your online gambling operator has established a 20x wagering requirement for a 5 mBTC bonus, it means that you will have to stake 20 more times worth of bets that is 100 mBTC in order to be able to make your first withdrawal;
  • A list of eligible games can also sometimes be established in bonus terms and conditions. This means that you may not be able to use your bonus money to make bets at your favorite casino games if they are not mentioned there;
  • Time limits can also be imposed in your bonus T&C. They establish the period of time during which you will have to spend all of your extra money and free spins. Otherwise they will simply vanquish.

We hope that now you can see, how important it is to read the T&C before claiming a bonus at a Bitcoin online casino. Always keep in mind that the bigger the bonus the more likely there are some high wagering requirements behind it.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

📌  Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe to Play?
Bitcoin online casinos are completely safe to play at, if they have been properly licensed at a respectable jurisdiction. Besides that, the architecture of the Bitcoin blockchain itself is designed so that it is practically impossible to hack it with today’s computers. However, you should always keep the private keys of your BTC wallet protected.
📌  Do All Casinos Accept Bitcoin?
As of now, not all online casinos have started to accept Bitcoin as a way for making gambling transactions. Many online gambling platforms still prefer to use traditional ways for transferring money.
📌  What is the Minimum amount I Can Deposit via Bitcoin?
There is no such a thing as the minimum deposit that you can make with Bitcoin. However, your online casino provider can establish such a limit so that you’d better contact the customer service to learn more about such things.
📌  What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Bitcoin?
Being a decentralized system Bitcoin protocol cannot impose any restrictions on the size of the deposits you can make at online casinos. However, your gambling provider itself can establish such restrictions.
📌  Are There Any Fees Charged?
If your online casino does not charge any fees for using Bitcoin, then you only have to pay a very small sum of money, which will depend on the size of your transaction, to cover the mining costs.
📌  Are Bitcoin Deposits Instant?
With Bitcoin your deposits can be almost instant. As is the case with any other transactions that you make with this cryptocurrency you will only have to wait up to an hour till your transaction will be added to the Bitcoin blockchain.
📌  Are Bitcoin Deposits Allowed in My Country?
Bitcoins are not being controlled by any centralized financial institutions so that it is quite hard to physically restrict their use. However, local government can substantially limit the activities of exchanges where you can turn Bitcoin into fiat currencies. In any case, you can try out some other cryptocurrencies if you like. For instance, check our list of Litecoin casino platforms.
📌  Can I Use Bitcoin in Mobile Casinos?
You definitely can use Bitcoin to play at some of the best mobile casinos on the internet. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you should probably download a mobile BTC wallet to make the gambling transaction from your smartphone or tablet in a more convenient way.

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