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At an online casino Bhutan based punters can have a unique opportunity to play the games of chance without risking being sentenced to jail. Only lottery is officially allowed in this country while all other types of gambling are illegal.

In regards to online gambling Bhutan holds quite a conservative position. Therefore, it is important to learn about all the related legal issues before starting to play at the Bhutanese online casino platforms. In our guide you can get a quick overview of local gambling laws.

Our experts have prepared for you a short list of the best online casinos for Bhutan players where you will be able to find bonuses with low wagering requirements as well as high quality games from the top software providers in the iGaming sector. But besides that we will teach you one of the most efficient techniques how to find the best online casino Bhutan based gamblers can play at.

Finally, you will be able to get a general picture of the tendencies that are going to shape the future of the Bhutan casino sites. In particular, we will show you how at an online casino Bhutan real money (i.e. BTN and INR) are starting to be used on par with such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and ether.

Best Online Casino accepting players from Bhutan

Online Casino Sites in Bhutan

Playing at the web casinos is the only way for Bhutan based punters to peacefully play the games for chance from the comfort of their homes. While having access to different variations of blackjack. roulette and online slots Bhutan players only have to choose a high quality casino website.

PlayAmo, 888 and Spin Palace are often referred to among the top 10 online casinos Bhutan based gamblers can freely play at. There are as many ways to define what is the best gambling website as there are web casino experts. But we are using a very simple yet comprehensive checklist for selecting high quality internet casinos in Bhutan. And we are going to share it with you.

The first thing to pay attention to when looking for an appropriate online casino in Bhutan is the origin of its gambling license. Many of the top 10 Bhutan online casinos are licensed in such renown jurisdictions as Alderney, Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. Local authorities regularly check the quality of the casino service which their licenses provided to the visitors so that you will not have to worry about any security related issues when playing there. When searching for a Bhutanese casino online punters can often encounter gambling platforms which have been licensed somewhere in Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles). This is not a bad choice but we recommend you to also check some other criteria such as the bonus terms and conditions as well as the quality of the games before starting to play at one of these casino websites. We always recommend our readers to avoid playing at the websites which have obtained their licenses in Belize, Costa Rica or Panama. The gambling platforms from this category are known to be of low quality so that none of the top rated Bhutan accepted online casinos has been licensed there.

Try Bhutanese free slots if you want to first hone your gambling strategies and only afterwards start playing for real money. In Bhutan best online casino platforms often offer their players some demo games which can be played for free. The software is another important thing to verify to make sure that you are dealing with one of the best online casino for Bhutanese. When checking the quality of Bhutan casino games online punters should among other things make it clear what software company stands behind their development.

Almost all Bhutan online casinos offer their visitors some type of welcome bonuses to get them sign up at their web platforms. However, even at the best Bhutanese casino online punters will undoubtedly find some kind of wagering requirements standing behind every attractively looking bonus offering. This is why one cannot overestimate the importance of reading the bonus terms and conditions before claiming any promo bonuses at the Bhutan friendly online casinos.
It should be quite obvious that the best paying online casino Bhutan based gamblers can bet at is the one where bonuses come with the lowest wagering requirements. We would also like to share with you one more observation which we have gained after checking dozens of top Bhutanese online casinos. All the top rated online casinos Bhutan based gamblers can play at tend to put their bonus terms and conditions at some visible place of their websites and articulate them in plain language. When looking for the best Bhutan casinos online punters are advised to also check for the customer support service. At many Bhutanese casinos online customer support is being provided 24/7.

An important thing to look for when searching for the best casino online Bhutan based gambrels can play at is the acceptability of local currency. Since in Bhutan Indian rupee is circulating along with Bhutanese Ngultrum it is worth checking the INR online casino platforms. In order to play at online casino Bhutan based punters should also keep in mind that it is very important to use an efficient payment service for seamlessly making gambling transactions. At a typical Bhutan casino online gamblers can readily use Visa or MasterCard as traditional credit card systems which are suitable both for making deposits and withdrawals. Besides that, when playing online casino games Bhutan punters have access to such popular e-wallets as Neteller.

Finally, it must be said that many of the new Bhutan online casinos are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a viable option for making gambling transactions. Although local government holds quite a conservative stance in regards to many aspects of Bhutanese life, blockchain technologies is one of those things that they readily accept as the future of the financial sector. In other words, since such popular cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, litecoin or ether allow one to make instant casino deposits without having to pay any extra fees, there are sound reasons for Bhutan based gamblers to start using cryptos when playing the games of chance on the internet.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Bhutan

In the previous section we have told you about the methods that we use in order to define the best online gambling sites Bhutan based gamblers can play at. But before even starting to look for a safe online casino Bhutan punters should get a clear picture of the legal issues involved. In other words, it is important to ask oneself whether is online gambling allowed in Bhutan?

Although there is no online gambling law in Bhutan all types of casino games are prohibited in this country. For the first time the games of chance were banned in 1977. Since in those times there was no online gambling Bhutan legal bodies could not include it into the list of the banned games. However, when in 2007 the ban was resolved, it, nevertheless, has not been specifically mentioned whether it is illegal to play at Bhutanese online casinos.

One of the reasons why in regards to online gambling Bhutan legislation remains to be silent is a relatively low percentage of internet penetration in this country. Since currently only 37% of local residents have access to the world wide web in Bhutan, one cannot say that gambling at INR casino platforms is a widespread activity among locals.

But in spite of the fact that there are no favorable online gambling laws Bhutan based gamblers can still play casino games on the internet. As we have already mentioned, there are many offshore legal online casinos Bhutan punters can freely play at. Since there is no online gambling authority Bhutan oriented web casinos obtain their licenses at foreign jurisdictions.

Theoretically, though, if caught gambling online Bhutan based gamblers will either have to go to jail for three months or pay a small fine of Nu 9,000 (USD 120). For those who are detained for the second time while playing at an online casino Bhutan legal laws prescribe a more severe punishment: you will not be able to pay the bail and your jail term will be doubled. However, when playing at an online casino for real money Bhutan based gambrels should not worry much. As of now, although in Bhutan online gambling is considered to be punishable there has not yet been any cases when web gamblers where put to jail or fined.

One of the reasons behind such favorable statistics is that if they choose to play at an offshore based legitimate online casinos Bhutan players do not risk to be caught by police. Therefore, if they want safe online gambling Bhutan based gamblers should simply keep silent about their activities and choose a reliable casino website. There is no point in talking about the online gambling age Bhutan gamblers are allowed to start playing from, since casino games are prohibited in this mountainous country. To sum up, while having access to the international online gambling industry Bhutan players have a wide choice of web casinos to pick from. One only needs to follow the expert advice to select the most reputable online casinos Bhutan punters can freely play at.

Maybe in the future, after there will be adopted favorable Bhutanese online gambling laws local residents will be able to play at locally licensed casino websites. But today, since there is no local online gambling license Bhutan based gamblers should simply follow the expert recommendations when looking for a high quality web casino.

History of Gambling in Bhutan

Historically, gambling was unfavorably looked upon by local authorities in Bhutan. One of the reasons for this is that this country has never been colonized by any European empires in its history. Besides that, Bhutan is a Buddhist theocracy which treats gambling as an activity that is detrimental to those families whose members are problem gamblers. As a result, there are no Bhutan based online casinos or terrestrial gambling houses. However, lottery is completely allowed since it brings employment opportunities and generates revenues. Currently more than 190 Bhutanese residents are working at the Royal Bhutan Lotteries.

Archery has for centuries been the most popular sport in Bhutan but nobody makes bets in local contests. In 1972 after this country has joined the United Nations, archery was even proclaimed to be the national sport. Besides that, basketball as well as cricket are gaining popularity in recent years in Bhutan. However, as we have already mentioned, sport betting is officially prohibited in this country. Therefore, if they want to make some sport bets local residents should visit foreign betting website.

Since casino games are prohibited in this country Bhutanese gambling market is rather clandestine. If local gamblers want to play the games of chance they usually gather together at a rented apartment. From time to time police makes raids to arrest such putners. However, gambling is regarded to be a minor misdemeanor in Bhutan and one can do away with the jail term by paying a small fine. In any case it is much safer to play at the top online casinos for Bhutanese players. Since there are no Bhutan approved online casinos with the guaranteed quality of gambling services, one should apply some special evaluation techniques to avoid low quality websites as the one that we have told you about above.

Since Bhutan is one of the most closed countries in Asia and one of the last nations in the world to adopt the television, it is unlikely that the internet casino sector will become officially legalized here any soon. It is even more difficult to imagine that there will be some land based BTN or INR casinos operating in Bhutan’s mountains where peacefulness is one of the principles of common life.

As a result, the best online casinos for Bhutanese will continue to operate from abroad. If you want to play at the best online casinos accepting Bhutan players be careful when choosing your gambling platform to avoid websites that provide low quality services.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Bhutan

Following are some of the most frequent predictions that we often come across when reading the Bhutan online casino reviews. These tendencies are considered by many gambling experts to shape the future of the best online casinos for Bhutanese players.

Virtual reality is soon going to change the way we experience gambling on the internet. Many of the new online casinos for Bhutan players are seriously thinking about introducing this innovative technology at their gambling platforms. We, therefore, insistently recommend you to try out VR games whenever you come across them among the casino offers which are available to players from Bhutan.

For many Bhutan online casinos 2018 was the year when more cryptocurrencies were started to be actively accepted as a convenient way for making gambling transactions. Such cryptos as bitcoin or ether are considered to be a perfect match for web gambling allowing punters in Bhutan to make instant payments while gambling on the internet. As we have already mentioned local government is seriously thinking about creating cashless society so that cryptos will most likely become even more popular at Bhutan online casino sites.

At many of the top 10 Bhutanese online casinos live dealer games can be more often found today. This tendency is here to stay since the unique opportunity to play with a real dealer is a truly exciting chance to immerse into the atmosphere of the brick and mortar gambling house from the comfort of your home.

Mobile gambling online is all the rage today with more web gamblers starting to use their smartphones and tablets for playing the games of chance in Bhutan. What can be more fun than being able to gamble whenever and wherever you like. Therefore, in the years to come we will definitely see more mobile slots Bhutan based gamblers can play.

Since there are many efficient payment gateways operating nowadays on the internet and there will appear much more in the future, naturally it will be easier to use different national currencies at web casino platforms. Therefore, chances are high that in Bhutan at an online casino INR will be even more often accepted.

Bhutan Casino FAQ

📌  Are Online Gambling Sites Legal in Bhutan?
Online gambling websites, as well as any form of offline or online gambling except for lotteries, are considered illegal in Bhutan. Moreover, a person violating the anti-gambling laws may be sentenced to jail or fined. But that’s pure theory as in practice no case of prosecution or punishment for gambling online has been registered so far. Therefore, you can safely play at international online casinos accepting BTN. Our website employs dozens of high-quality gambling destinations, so make sure to skim through all available options.
📌  Is Sports Betting Legal in Bhutan?
Even though archery has been the most popular sports in Bhutan for centuries, making bets on it as well as on any other sports is forbidden. Nevertheless, the government shows no desire to catch online bettors and gamblers, which in fact means that nothing threats you when you access a foreign betting hub or casino from Bhutan. The only bit of advice is to route your connection via a VPN service and use a non-traceable payment method.
📌  Is It Safe for Players from Bhutan to Gamble Online?
In theory, illegal gambling from Bhutan can cost you a pretty penny or even a jail sentence. According to the local laws, a gambler caught red-handed is to be fined ~USD 120 or sentenced to jail for three months; a repeated law violation is to be punished with half a year in jail. However, nothing of that really works. Hundreds and thousands of locals enjoy gambling at foreign casinos and never have problems with the state legislation. To get the best gambling experience when playing from Bhutan, use a VPN, a private depositing method, and pick a reliable and safe online casino.
📌  Do Bhutanese Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?
Bonuses for depositing with BTN are rare to non-existent, so you better focus on standard perks introduced by most international online casinos. The range of treats includes sign-up bonuses, match (reload) bonuses, loyalty points, VIP clubs, high-roller bonuses, free spins, referral accruals, promotions of new casino features, holiday offers, once-a-day bonuses, and more. The most important thing to remember before claiming bonuses is that most of them remain locked in your account until you fulfill wagering requirements set by the casino.
📌  What Deposit Methods Can I Use?
Using traceable depositing methods is always risky in countries where gambling is officially banned, so we would recommend you to avoid paying with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards as these payments are not confidential. Much safer gateways are electronic wallets (in most e-wallets authorization for low transaction limits isn’t required), anonymous mobile payments (where you don’t disclose your phone number), and cryptocurrencies. If you wonder which of two or more gateways to pick, consider such factors as fees, payment quickness, and bonuses (sometimes casinos promote particular payment channels).

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