The High Court Of California Approved Off-Reservation Tribal Casino Matter Entirely

Article by : Helen Sep 9, 2020

The drawn-out trial of a Californian Indian tribe seeking to build an off-reservation gambling house is closer to completion than ever. The court found that one of the State Governor’s previous instructions in assessing land-use requests was utterly legal and could apply to this particular case. This precedent is unique and paves the way for the promotion of tribal casino services in Madera County.

The project of a joint gambling business with Station Casinos originated about 17 years ago. It was then that North Fork Rancheria decided on the possible joint opening of a gambling establishment. After all the legal issues were agreed upon, the tribe’s representatives turned to the Ministry of the Interior. They offered to transfer part of the land in the Madeira district to a concession for the organization of gambling services.

This project was approved almost immediately. Nevertheless, it took another eight years for the new project to secure official support. Since then, this project witnessed bureaucratic delays and tremendous opposition from other tribes. Various tribal representatives insisted that the Governor of California did not have the authority to make the final decision on the matter as this requires full legislative powers. However, such claims were just a cover. The tribes showed resentment that their land-based casinos were located nearby Madera.

Operators were worried about the possible future competition and losing market share. As a result, this issue appeared in the Court of Appeal. The ongoing struggle between Governor Gavin C. Newsom and the United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria has not found a solution for years. In 2017, the California Supreme Court took up the case. On Monday, the judges ruled that the Governor’s decision to agree with the Interior Minister was completely legal.

Now the game operator can make significant progress and take full advantage of the court decision. Before the first brick is laid in the new playing hall’s foundation, a considerable amount of preparatory work has to be done. According to official data, representatives of gambling houses have not yet presented a future casino project. The same applies to sources of additional funding for the construction of a new project.

In any case, the decision received from the Supreme Court is final and irrevocable. Despite the difficult situation with Covid-19 and the real crisis in the healthcare sector, operators should now focus exclusively on implementing the gambling project.

Madera was found in 1893 after the official elections were held on May 16, 1893. The number of residents living in this district reached just over 1000. During the voting, 1179 residents voted for and 358 against. The term Madera itself means wood. The county received such an unusual name since California Lumber Company (CLC) launched a log flume to transport timber to the Central Pacific Railroad in 1876.

Madera’s official geographic center is located at North Fork. Madera County itself is a very scenic area and boasts a neighborhood of Yosemite National Park. There are more than 100 manufacturing and wood processing enterprises in the district, many of which have a long and exciting history.

The creation of a gambling house will contribute to the more dynamic development of this region. This will attract more guests as the investments can create a more flexible infrastructure, which is so lacking in this district. According to the Governor, the new project will create additional jobs and fill the city budget with substantial tax deductions. This way, the locals can witness some area improvements along shortly.


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